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Anonymous asked in PetsDogs · 10 years ago

what allergic reactions can dog biscuits cause...?

Well, yall can go through my questions to see the history of why I'm asking this. You can also go through my questions to find out why we took our dogs off kibble a month ago, and started on raw.

I didn't feed my dogs any dog biscuits, and haven't in a very long time. My mom fed one of my dog's biscuits(the other wouldn't eat them), a few days ago, and now we have Gastroenteritis. Yes, I've been to the vet twice, and plunked down several hundred $$.

What all allergic reactions can dog biscuits cause?

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    Skin problems (allergies) gunky eyes, ear infections, digestive tract problems, endocrine related diseases (long term), cancers, lowered immunity, fertiilty problems, bone disorders, bad teeth and gums, I could go on.

    These *can* and do happen but not all dogs will get all of these problems, many are long term and are then labelled old age or genetic. It's a bit like smoking cigerettes. We know smoking is unhealthy but not everyone who smokes gets lung cancer.


    I expect this will cause a riot from the nay-sayers and something I prefer not to get into. I will answer Q's on feeding when asked, but each to their own beliefs.

    ETA: My dogs have been rawfed for 16 years and never had any worm of any type because they never eat meat that contains hydatids and have a much healthier gut with no bacteria build up from unnatural cereal substances.

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  • miaugh
    Lv 7
    10 years ago

    Not sure about allergies, but I've always heard that raw & kibble (that would probably include biscuits) shouldn't be fed together--like anything closer than say, 10-12 hrs apart-- because they are digested at different rates.

    Whether that has any bearing on gastroenteritis, I don't know. I do know a few people feed raw in the a.m. & kibble at night, but their dogs have never had any kind of digestion problem no matter what they ate. Hope Gabby is feeling better.

    Here's a study that has some information on digestion rates. What was found in this study is that dry food took up to 15 hrs to be digested whereas the fresh food was digested in 4-6 hrs.

    ""Arnbjerg (1992) studied the time of passage of various commercial food items through the stomach of dogs (25-30 kg) by radiography. The types of food used were (1) dried food with 10 % moisture, (2) canned food with 70 % moisture and (3) fresh food (fish) with 75 % moisture. After food ingestion the animals had no access to water or to any other type of liquid.

    In group 1, the food remained unchanged in the stomach for 480 to 600 min (mean 534 min) after completion of the meal. After 900 +/- 60 min the stomach appeared to be completely empty. In group 2, the food started to enter the duodenum after 270 +/- 30 min. The stomach appeared to be empty 420- 480 rnin after eating. In group 3, the food was observed in the duodenum 30 min after ingestion and emptying was complete 240-360min after ingestion."

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  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    No cat food lacks things a dog needs and is low in things dogs need and can cause liver and kidney damage. Try a grain free dog food and that will help with allergies too since its yeast and purina is full of grains

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  • 10 years ago

    It is likely that it was just a coincidence that the dog was ill after the biscuit it is more likely to be the raw meat you fed him also your dogs are at risk of tapeworm from raw meat.

    Source(s): Had dogs all my life old girl now
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