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How many lies (broken campaign promises in liberalspeak) did it take for George HW Bush to not be re-elected?


Really? George HW Bush was re-elected? Interesting because I seem to remember Clinton winning the '92 election.

Update 2:

So Chewy Ivan, you are admitting that taking out Saddam was a good thing!

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    I see by your additional info that you have had to fend off a few morons. Go figure!

    All G H W B had to say to GET elected was 'If you liked Jimmy Carter, you will Love Michael Dukakis"

    George H W Bush would have probably won Anyway if he had not caved to the pressure put on him by a democrat congress to raise taxes.

    ----- BUT!---------

    Had H. Ross Perot never joined the race, George H W Bush would have won Anyway, ANYWAY!!!.

    (even with the new taxes)

    So conservatives, Listen when your democrat bretheren tell you how we need a third party.

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    One. "Read my lips: No New Taxes!"

    That and letting Saddam Hussein stay in power.

    I feel bad for Bush Sr. He was a pretty decent president, truth be told. But the fact he wasn't strictly conservative was probably why a lot of his base jumped ship to Ross Perot, allowing Clinton to sneak away with the victory.

    Edit: No, I'm saying that not taking out Saddam Hussein was perceived as a bad thing by the general public at the time. I actually support the president's decision, then. If we had pursued the Iraqis back to Baghdad, we would have lost our coalition support.

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    Huh? there have been many motives GHWB wasn't re-elected. It wasn't only the "study my lips ..." element. I propose you give up gazing Fox information for a whilst and turn on a much less partisan information source. Bush Jr. made a habit out of mendacity yet appropriate-wingers nevertheless supported him.

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    What is always left out of this "Read my lips, no new taxes" is this. The Democrats would not fund Desert Storm unless they were allowed to raise taxes. Bush took the hit. He was strong armed into raising the tax.

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    The ONLY reason Bush was re-elected is because we were at war and people were afraid to change leaders and of course because of Republican cheating. But if we had changed Presidents, we'd be in a much better situation than we are now.

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    HW Bush's thousand points of lights and read my lips no new taxes buried him.

    Source(s): @oh brother it doesn't matter that was the reason, and perhaps had we finished the job in Desert Storm his son would not have head to deal with 9/11.But then again Clinton left us vulnerable.
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    Jest a couple fewer than Obama has already told.

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    You made a mistake and put Bush name on your ? you mean obama

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    About the same as Obama.. only it took two terms to figure out Bush.. it will only take one disastrous term to figure out Barry!

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    If that's the measure to use what does that mean for obama.

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