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Why do we still use antibiotics instead bacteria phages to treat infections?

Bacteria phages are a kind of virus that attacks bacteria cells. Each type of phage can only attack a certain kind of bacteria.

Some types of phages can attack the same kinds of bacteria that cause infections and or diseases. These phages unlike antibiotics distinguish can between the bacteria and human cells making them much safer. Also it would be much tougher for the bacteria that cause infections to become immune to the phages because phages would automatically adapt to those immunities through natural selection.

So why is using phages to treat infections still illegal in most countries, and what are your thoughts on this?

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    I think that we are simply scared to try new things such as using bacteria phages. Many people may have a fear, unreasonable as it may seem, that the phages will somehow turn on us and attack our cells, or latch onto human cells instead of bacteria cells. I understand that you mentioned that these phages can distinguish between bacteria and human cells, but there is always the fear.

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    Because they haven't worked so far.

    Any form of biological control is potentially dangerous. There are as many horror stories as there are success stories. A lot could go wrong using this method. For example, a phage could evolve to infect another bacteria, and in the process pass virulence genes into what was a harmless species.

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    While you should always check with a doctor first:), there are some natural healing ways to cope with a sinus infection. You may want to try a Neti pot and the Neti solution that comes with it. You can order these off Amazon or any retailer that sells Ayurvedic products. A steam inhalation can help...boil some water with eucalyptus and peppermint essential oils (about10 drops of each) and carefully inhale the steam. Clove tea is another remedy.

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    Maybe we do not trust phages all to much? not sure about this one

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