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need help with my luau potluck?

im having a luau potluck and i need ideas (activities music etc)

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    Hi Bob,

    A luau potluck sounds like fun! Look at all the things you can buy for luau parties here:


    They should get your guests into the spirit, especially if they've been told to dress for in Hawaiian garb! If you scroll down that same page, you'll get all sorts of ideas.

    Here are more suggestions for ideas and games:


    And more at this site:


    More games and activities:


    I don't know whether this party will be for adults, children or both, but here are some more suggestions for games and activities:

    Sing. Play Hawaiian background Music during the party. See who can outdo Don Ho. Have an award for best singer after.

    Hilarious Photo Prop. Set up a Luau photo prop of a couple on the lawn and invite guests to stand in and take pictures.

    Have some Hula Fun. Hold a hula dance lesson or a hula dance contest. Purchase hula skirts or make your own. Play traditional hawaiian music and teach your guests how to communicate with your hands and body the Hawaiian way!

    Decorate a flip flop. Purchase inexpensive flip flops, gems and flip flop decorations. Let your guests use their own creativity to decorate their own flip flop according to their own style and taste. Let their individuality shine!

    Make a Lei. Make a beaded lei necklace out of silk flowers, beads and shells.

    Do the Limbo. Play fun, upbeat music and see can go real low! You can just use a broom stick and decorate with streamers, raffia and hibiscus flowers.

    Learn about Hawaii, its culture, history and the Hawaiian Language! Divide kids up into several groups and have a Hawaiian Trivia Contest to see which groups knows the most!

    Play “Pass the Coconut”. Like pass the ball. An option is to put eyes, nose, and mouth on it. Maybe even hair and a hat. Gives it an element of fun to it! Play Hawaiian Luau music and let each guest feel the hairy coconut. With kids this will envoke lots of giggles. Whenever the music stops, have the child who is holding the coconut, bring his/her present up to the Guest of Honor and open presents then too. This child/person of course will be ‘out’ afterwards.

    Musical Beach Towel. Played like musical chair. Have all beach towels lined up, with sunglasses and hats on each one. Play some fun, hawaiian, summer music. When the music stops, the kids have to be lying on top of the towel, and have the hat and glasses on, otherwise they are out!

    Play Coconut Bowling. Get 10 empty 1/2 liter water bottles. Fill with about 1/2 full with water or liquid to weigh it down. Decorate the bottles if you’d like. Use a coconut to knock down the ‘pins’.

    Hula or Luau Favors. Give one a Hula Big Favor Pack which includes everything you need Wrist Lei, Daisy Swirl Lip Gloss, Stickers, Hawaiian Hibiscus Funtoos, and a Flower Trim Tote Bag.

    Make a Volcano. Let kids get together and make a paper mache volcano. Or have it ready made and let them do experiments and have some science fun.

    Here are some Hawaiian luau party plans shared by readers of the website:


    Please note that the woman who describes the party above gives her email address in case you want to ask her about her luau party! (I wonder whether she still has the same email address!)

    And more ideas and games:





    For music, everyone loved Don Ho, and his records/CDs are still available.

    You will also find musical suggestions at many of the websites I listed.


    That should be enough sites to keep you reading for a while. I know your guests are in for a fun party, and I hope you have a good time, too! :)

    Source(s): http://www.toppartyideas.com/hawaiian-luau-party/ Other sources listed in text.
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    We just did a pig roast last week, and it was a ton of work but turned out great. Roast an entire pig if you want some" wow factor", and have people bring pineapple, star fruit, dragon fruit, etc - anything tropical and exotic. Have Hawaiian music or a band that can play it. Have a firepit because everyone likes to hang around one. Have leis for everyone and tell them to all wear Hawaiian prints when they come. Have fun!

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    Provide cheap grass skirts and leis for everyone. Have a hula contest.

    Although not really Hawaiian, a limbo contest will fit in well.

    Music... the late Israel Kamakawiwo'ole.

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