Is it possible to drill a hole through a piece of raw cat's eye?

I recently found a nice piece of tumbled cat's eye at a geo store and I wanted to try and drill a hole through the center of it and make jewelry out of it. Is it possible to drill through this cat's eye, or would it be too hard? If it is possible, is there any particular technique/drill bit I should be using?


Cat's eye is a form of gemstone, it's not literally a cat's eye.

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    10 years ago
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    Yes. You basically abrade a hole through it. If you don't use coolant or some method to keep the temperature down, it will break though.

    The basic original method was to use an abrasive like a powdered metal oxide, and use a small stick (about like a toothpick) as a drill, twirling it to grind the powder into the stone. Modern methods use the same idea, just with higher tech tools to make it easier and and quicker with a smoother, more refined hole.

    LOL. Maybe you should have made it clear to those unfamiliar with gemstones that a cat's eye is a type of rock. It might have helped to put this in Geology instead of Geography as well.

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    The deepest hole ever drilled was the Kola Borehole, drilled by the Russians. It was just over 7 1/2 miles deep. Heat and pressure became too much for the equipment at that depth. I think it was about 30 years ago. There was an article in Popular Science of a research drilling ship supposed to drill into the thinner ocean crust about 4 miles or so but I am not up to date on its progress.

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    10 years ago

    =O Oh my gosh...that's so morbid/

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