How do you delete the chat history in Skype?

Ok guys can you tell me how to delete the history? And im not talking about the history for a long time period , im talking about, for instance, if you guys use facebook or myspace, you will see a small button above the chat saying delete chat history....and if u click it it deletes the history for that chat.......u get wat im saying?...please help!

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  • 10 years ago
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    On Windows and Mac, you can delete your entire conversation history – including instant messages, calls, voicemails, SMS and sent and received files. It is not possible to delete individual conversations, or the history for just one contact.

    For Windows:

    Go to Skype > Privacy and under the section called Keep history for, click the Clear History button. This deletes all of your chats and cannot be undone.

    If you want to change your history settings, select a new option from the Keep history for drop-down.

    For Mac:

    Click Preferences > Chats > Clear History.

    This deletes all of your chats and cannot be undone.

    On Linux, you can choose to delete only certain conversations. To delete your chat history on Linux:

    Open your History and select the events you wish to remove (by dragging, or by selecting individual events)

    Right-click and select Delete Event (or for multiple events, Delete Selected Events)

    If you want to disable your chat history on Linux:

    Click the small Skype icon on the bottom right corner of the screen and select Options > Privacy

    From the Keep chat history drop-down, select Disable History

    Click Apply and Close

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    I usually delete conversation history on Skype by using Delete skype history standard edition app

    Crazy though it sounds, but the above options arn't able to clear history forever - I mean from

    Skype cloud and main.db folder located on your device.

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