Is it a crime to lose all your baby weight?

I just saw this clip,

I think they were being too hard on her considering I know many girls like that including myself who have a baby then 2 weeks later you can't tell. I just think that it's wrong to put stuff like this out on the news when it is perfectly normal to lose 25 lbs after having a baby, then the rest you have to work off but that "what did you have a 25 lb baby?" comment was rude and that would've hurt my feelings. They would never say that to a woman who gained 70 lbs in pregnancy like "wow did you have a 70 lb baby? geez" I know it is completely different comments, the last one would make someone cry but it is very rude just the same. The normal weight loss from childbirth alone is 20 lbs so why would they put this out there? (7 lbs for baby, the rest is placenta, amniotic fluid, and water weight) It's like they want to say she is starving herself to lose that baby weight or maybe people would feel better about it.

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    I'm 19 days postpartum and weigh 11lbs less than what I did before I got pregnant. I've lost 29lbs since I had my daughter. I'm ecstatic about it.

    They're probably just bitter that they can't lose weight that quickly. Some women just bounce back faster than others. Instead of judging her, they should be happy for her.

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    I gained 48 lbs during my pregnancy and lost 30 in the first week. (My son was 9lbs5oz) By 4 weeks post, I'd lost it all. Now I weigh less than I did when I got pregnant. I should add that I work out everyday and didn't stop when I was pregnant. I'm naturally a bigger girl though and I weigh 170lbs and am 5'9".

    People have the audacity to tell me that I should get pregnant more often because I look better now than before. They also ask me if I starved myself after I had my son

    So rude.

    Bottom line, some people are ignorant and have no filter

    You just have to brush the comments off and move on.

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    Well this took me through to a thing on the soccor / football world cup in Bangladesh so who knows?

    A lot of women don't put on a lot of weight and bounce back very quickly, however that's not the majority. I don't know what the ratio is but let's say 10 or 20 % bounce back quickly but for 80 to 90% of all women it takes the 9 months to take of (many experts say it takes 9 months to go on so realistically it takes 9 months to come off...

    Look good for you if you or others or celebrities bounce back quickly but it's not the majority and alas the media beats this up saying "Oh celebrity X lost their baby weight and then some in 2 weeks" and it puts a lot of pressure on women to lose weight when they should be enjoying motherhood and figuring it all out not having problems because they think their partners will leave them if they don't lose all the weight in 2 weeks...

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    No...a lot of people are just bitter (including myself) that they can't bounce back as quickly. It's annoying because I'm bitter that I'm still chubbier than I'd like to be (had a baby 18 months ago), and this person had a baby a month ago and looks like she did before she got pregnant.

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    I personally LOVE the fact that I've had 3 kids and you can't tell. 13 days after I had my twins I fit into pants that I bought before my pregnancy and 3 weeks after my twins I fit into pants that I couldn't fit into before my pregnancy. I even took pictures and posted them on facebook to brag to all my friends.

    No one should make comments like that about someones weight.

    ETA: I guess if women are putting pressure on themselves because of what the media says, then it's time they stopped watching TV.

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