(Trigonometry): Can all sums in trig. be solved without simplifying the RHS and just working out the LHS?

Maybe it might be easier to work out the RHS, but can you solve all sums by simply working out the LHS?


Ok, when I say "trig." I mean proving identities.

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    1 decade ago
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    yes all of them can be solved by working out on the LHS but sometimes the RHS is much easier to work on

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    yes , all sums in trig.can be solved without simplifying the RHS and just working out the LHS.

    also it may depend on the situation. we must try to make the simple side remain simple and complicated side become simple.

    for ex.

    1) prove-- 4 = 2-5+7-8+2-3+5+8-4

    here you would like to simplify 2-5+7-8+2-3+5+8-4 into 4 .

    you would not want to convert 4 into 2-5+7-8+2-3+5+8-4 to prove equality.

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    1 decade ago

    yes, i guess...

    but sometimes it is very time consuming to keep simplifying the LHS in order to reach the RHS

    in that case, one can simply solve both the LHS n RHS and prove them equal.

    one shud prefer d way which is less time consuming...!!

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    do one thing. work out the lhs and rhs separately. if you arrive at a common ans, then u can say that the lhs=rhs.

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    1 decade ago

    it could be either way sometimes iit's easy to begin with LHS and sometimes with RHS.

    all depends on the problems and and approach you are employing

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