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Now when people compare mma vs boxing, people tend to forget that there are different kinds of boxers. Short, stocky low center of gravity powerhouses (tyson, tua) and long range tall lanky jaberwockies (ali, lewis)

Most people agree that if a mma guy and a boxer stand up and trade, the the mma guy will get knocked into orbit. So the only way for the mma guy to win is with a takedown (boxer may still win even after that but huge advantage to the mma guy after a takedown) or leg kicks, therefore i have stuck with a singular view of a "mma guy" as in, a guy aiming for the takedown or kicking, due to the generally accepted fact that mma guys gotta take the game to the ground or kick to win.

Now this is where i think it becomes a rock, paper scissors game. The mma guy beats the lanky boxer due to greater ability to kick those lanky legs and also easier takedowns of the lanky boxer. Also those long arms of the lanky boxer wont be much good on the inside (takedown or clinch range) dude to lack of short sharp punching ability.

However the short stocky boxer beats the mma guy, because of a lower centre of gravity, he will be much harder to take down(ie how a tree falls in the wind...but a boulder dosent move) and those short sharp ko punches will be much more effective for short uppercuts and hooks as the mma guy comes in for the takedown. Also since short powerhouse boxers are usually inside ko fighters, if the mma guy wants to throw leg kicks, the boxer will take a few, close the gap and ko the mma guy on the inside. Where as if the mma guy kicks the lanky boxer, the lanky boxer wont be able to close in and ko the mma guy cuz the lanky style is based on dancing and jabbing.

In short

David Tua > Brock Lesnar > Muhammed Ali > David Tua

Rock paper scissors

Boxing and mma both are cool so stop the hating...and for u people saying "in a street fight whos better boxer or mma " how the **** anyone gonna know what a street fight is?? Theres no rules in street fights, yall actin like its a controlled environment to test a martial art..

Lol..there could be a street fight in a park rolling around in the grass...BJJ wins here...then there could be a street fight where u take the guy to the ground, ur about to break his arm when WHATS THIS?? ur heads being kicked in by the guys friends...boxing is a much better bet there


Not to mention street fights are fought in various locations with varying opportunites and disadvantages and alot depends on reaction, agressiveness, strength, weapons and luck among other things. Theres no game plan, theres no warming up, theres no rules.

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    Kinda, sorta... but not really. You're on the right track, alluding to the concept that styles make fights. But while you acknowledge that there are different types of boxers, you make no mention of the different types of MMA fighters. When Ben Saunders fought Marcus Davis, a shorter fighter with a pro boxing background, he was able to catch him in his clinch and knee him unconscious. Lanky guys with a good clinch, like Anderson Silva, would pose that threat to shorter fighters. Guys like Alistair Overeem, with a good standing choke, could submit a shorter boxer, much like he did to powerhouse puncher Igor Vovchanchyn.

    And a lanky boxer isn't automatically subject to leg kicks, because not every MMA fighter utilizes that tool. Ali vs. Chuck Liddell would have Ali winning, probably, because Chuck's personal style of late has included sloppy boxing defense (no head movement, hands low), but he's been relying on throwing a counter right punch instead of utilizing his kicks or his wrestling.

    I'm also not sure you understand how takedowns work. While I like your tree/boulder analogy, takedowns are a lot about where you feel your balance is. Someone who's never had to defend a takedown before is going down, period. And since the most common takedowns in MMA involve the head being lower than the hips (single leg and double leg), it's unlikely that even a squat boxer could get a clean shot before being dumped.

    At the end of the day, if you just have "generic boxer" vs. "generic MMA guy", unless it's a boxing match, odds are with the MMA guy because he's got more tools in his toolbox. This is not a slight against boxing. I enjoy it, I train in it, I study the science and history of it. But this is a fact, and has been from the early days of MMA, and further illustrated in other sports competitions. With a less restrictive set of rules, the guy with skill in more areas wins most of the time.

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    Your reasoning is pretty good--I tend to agree that a Tua/Tyson type of boxer would have a better chance at beating an MMA guy. But not necessarily. It is going to be a lot easier to close into a clinch with a guy like that. A more technical boxer with great footwork will only need to alter his stance a little bit and then he might be very tough to get to.

    Also, the guy above raises a very good point about take downs. A guy who has wrestled since he was 11, or even trained for a lot of years with very good wrestlers, is going to be able to take down somebody who has little to know training in wrestling all day long, and they should be able to come in low and at an angle that will not make it possible to knock them out.

    I think an MMA guy wins most of these match ups, but one thing I don't think MMA fanboys tend to understand is that some of changes in rules would actually help out the boxer. If you let a guy like Tua hit and hold in the clinch, he's going to be deadly.

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    I understand where you are coming from, however to me it all hinges not on the boxers build or style as much as on the MMA fighters ability to shoot a take down. If you are a pro boxer of any sort of elite status like the ones you mentioned then you have trained pugilism to the exclusion of other aspects of combat. The boxers stance and reflexive conditioning is simply not conducive to stuffing a take down by anyone with even a decent shot, size and body type not withstanding. remember that a lot of wrestlers that you see from high school all the way up to the olympics have the Tyson Tua build and they get taken down all the time. In an MMA fight I feel like a boxers best, certainly not only because a lot can happen in a fight, but best chance of winning is to score a KO before the MMA fighter even attempts to take the fight to the ground.

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    You're saying "this guy beats that guy" and "that guy beats this guy" a lot... but you're dictating the rules that they're allowed to fight with- you're having them compete with mma rules. Why should grappling and kicking be allowed when making these comparisons? You say that you're not matching them up in street fighting when in fact that's exactly what you're doing.

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