College and the Army Reserve?

After I graduate from high school I would like to go to college but I also want to go into the military. Does the Army Reserve help pay for my college? What are my chances that I am able to be deployed? If you have any experience with the Army Reserve and college please explain.

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    The Army Reserve will help you pay for college. A little.

    The Reserve offers enlistment bonuses up to $20k (depending on MOS). That won't all be paid up front, but maybe half up front, then divided up and paid periodically. Also, you will get the GI Bill, but it will be the reserve version, which is not nearly as nice as the active duty version. I got about $680/month and that's with the extra $350 GI Bill Kicker (ask about it and make sure that's in your contract). That money is paid to you. If you can draw Tuition Assistance, that is very good. The Army will pay your school up to $4500/year for your tuition. That goes to the school, not to you. But Tuition Assistance is not guaranteed and it's 1st come 1st served, so if they don't have any money left in the fund for the year when you apply, you don't get it. Plus you'll get paid for your 1 weekend drill (about $180 depending on rank). So ~$860/month to go to school. You can live off it if you have to.

    They also might offer you the Student Loan Repayment Program, which is where the Army will pay back up to $20k in student loans for you. I got that, but had no student loans (sure wishin I had taken some).

    However the Post 9/11 GI Bill has begun now, so that might be what you get. That's slightly different. That pays your tuition to the school, then gives you a yearly allowance for books and a monthly allowance for housing (depends on your zip code, but pretty good money). Of course, as a reservist, you won't get the full benefit. They'll give you some tiny percentage based on your total days on active duty.

    Of course, if you deploy, you will be entitled to higher GI Bill benefits because you'll have more active duty time, so you'll get more money. And with today's global situation, there's a pretty good chance you'll deploy at some point. However, Iraq is drawing down and Obama "PLANS" to draw down in Afghan next year, so that might not be the case anymore.....We'll see.

    Make sure everything you want to get is IN WRITING IN YOUR CONTRACT!! And keep a GOOD copy of all your contracts (my copies were sh*tty and it's caused problems). If you have questions talk to a recruiter but make sure you've done your own homework, too.

    Source(s): College student in the Army Reserve currently deployed to Iraq
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    After you're taking your asvab , that you just might prefer what your additional reduce out to do. You pass to fundamental once you signal the agreement , probably a quantity of months after. Normal teaching and AIT are the primary steps into the navy. Just just like the prior answer recounted you must've checked our ROTC . The army could've paid in your university. You might have obtained to find your possess transportation to get for your trouble of obligation. I recollect it is a few occasions a month on weekends.

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    There are programs that will help pay for school. An ROTC scholarship is one. You may also want to look into government grants.

    The reserves have an ECS program. This is where you are guaranteed not to deploy while going to college full-time.

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