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engagement rings does the guy get an engagement ring or just a wedding ring?

when the guy asks the girl if shell marry him and gives her a ring does the guy get an engagement ring too or just a wedding ring

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    The difference between a wedding ring and an engagement ring is a big one.

    The engagement ring is the main ring, the expensive one. The bride wears after she gets married as well.

    The wedding ring is something both the bride and groom wear once they're officially married. They don't cost much, and shouldn't be too hard to pick out.

    For both rings, I strongly urge you to look online. The reason? Because you can save up to 50% online on the exact same rings you would buy in-store.

    Try or

    I bought my now wife a James Allen engagement ring and we were both very happy with the purchase - me because I got her a gorgeous ring for much less, and her... well, she just LOVES her ring. Plus, It came with free delivery and a full cash-back guarantee.

    Hope this helps.

    Good luck!

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    An engagement ring is usually a diamond solitaire, but doesn't have to be, you give this to her when you propose marriage (and hopefully she says yes) then the wedding band is usually a gold band, (sometimes and it is a good idea to purchase the engagement ring and the band together so that they will match). The engagement worn on her right had is moved to her left hand during the wedding ceremony and the bands (hers and yours--usually a plain round band--she helps pick out) you do not wear an engagement ring, the two bands are blessed during the ceremony and thus go on first being the most important, she then moves her engagement ring back on top of her band. Wedding rings usually mean the wedding bands.

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    Tradition says its only the girl who gets an engagement ring but lately apparently its coming in for the guys to also wear an engagement ring. Up to the guy personally i guess.

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    It's not traditional for the man to receive an engagement ring, no, and many people would find that very peculiar.

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    There is only one engagement ring, which is presented by the man to the woman.

    At the time of the wedding day, wedding bands are exchanged (his and hers).

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    No, guys don't wear engagement rings.

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    it depends on yall for me my fiance is getting an engagement ring which will be his wedding ring and the same with me

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    It depends on what he wants to do. It is not common for them to have an engagement ring, but sometimes they do get one. I think it's a growing trend though.

    My fiance has one.

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