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"感謝您給GRACE領導全班的機會, 也希望他的潛能可以得到發揮"


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    感謝您給GRACE領導全班的機會, 也希望他的潛能可以得到發揮

    I thank you for the opportunity you gave Grace to lead the class; and hope that her potential will be realized.

  • 王大
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    1 decade ago

    感謝您給GRACE領導全班的機會, 也希望他的潛能可以得到發揮

    Thanks for giving Grace the opportunity to lead the class. Hopefully her potential can be fully developed.

  • 1 decade ago

    I am really appreciated that you give Grace the opportunity to lead the class.

    Therefore, I also hope this (chance) can develop her potential well.

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    Thanks you to give Grace the leadership all personnel the opportunity, also hoped that her potential may obtain the display

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