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What happens if you throw a grenade inside an airplane?

Just curious how an explosion would work inside a compressed area...

or is an airplane not compressed?

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    An airplane is no more compressed than the air in the background of a typical mountain upper region. There is no pressure experiment within the aircraft cabin you can do to confirm the difference between mountain background air and the aircraft cabin air.

    There is more pressure at sea level than there is in an airplane's cabin. Compressing air in an airplane to pressures greater than the sea level standard atmosphere would be a tremendous waste of energy. The air is compressed as low as possible in an effort to use less energy and to preserve enough comfort and health for the human occupants.

    Air in an airplane is just compressed compared to the surrounding outside air, which is too thin for a human to easily survive within. It is a great struggle for a person to breath in that air.

    It would be a really stupid idea to perform this experiment, as rupture of the aircraft walls can easily occur. You would need a very stiffly designed aircraft to carry it out safely.

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    An airplane must be compressed to somewhere close to atmospheric pressure because, at the altitude the plane flies, the pressure is much lower on the outside of the plane. (I believe they actually pressurize the cabin to just over atmospheric pressure. That's why your ears pop when you take off.)

    But I would imagine that, since the airplane is close to atmospheric pressure, nothing visibly different would happen. You would just see a grenade explode and thats it.

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