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i need a word or a synonum !!! for this sentence.?

ok so im doin this english project... and im supposed to write different adventures the main charactor went throughout the novel...

and i need a word for this sentence like *a person who dies something by herself withouth anyones help.. like building her own house.. *

something like dat..

its kinda confusing but to help u wou or guve u a clue a word can be *independent*

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    Ever try It's a perfect website for this situation.

    By the way, I see absolutely nothing wrong with using independent as the word in this situation.

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    I figured out you meant a person who DOES something by herself without anyone's help, not someone who committed suicide. But that last sentence completely loses me. I understand the confusing part, but the rest of it just doesn't make sense to me.

    How about self-sufficient? Is that the sort of thing you want?

    Have you tried looking in a thesaurus?

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