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Safe parts of Mexico?

Which parts of Mexico are safe for travelling to? Which are not? I ask because of all the recent violence there due to drug problems.

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    Playa del Carmen and Cancun....I went there a few years back and it was amazing.....the locals were really nice : )

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    Mexico is a big country, most of Mexico is safe. The drug wars are going on in the northern border cities like Juarez, Tijuana, the state of sinaloa. But again common sense just like in the us you know what places or neighborhoods to avoid same thing in any other country. My home state of Jalisco is safe and it has awesome culture and beautiful beaches as well as the second largest city in Mexico Guadalajara for shopping, sightseeing, and great food. Mexico will always be a great place to visit, here is a link that will help I'm a little biased but you can search any state, again stay in the southern states or tourist areas.

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    I live here in Mexico right now, originally from Canada. The north and pacific areas of Mexico are currently under a territorial fight of 3 major drug cartels. Baja California, Ciudad Juarez, Culiacan, Mazatlan. The major cities on those areas are currently experiencing lots of violence. As long as you stick to the tourist areas, you should be fine. The violence is only occurring between the gangs, and innocent people rarely get caught up in the mix. Mexico city is very dangerous and I was mugged when I went there, and I'm a big guy too. Muggings, armed robbery, rape, and kidnapping are very common there.

    Places I would suggest to you are

    Puerto Vallarta



    Playa Del Carmen

    These are all beautiful places that will offer you a great vacation destination

    Source(s): Living here, and watching the news
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    The great majority of Mexico is safe. The border towns and some areas in Sinaloa and Quererro have violence. Tourist areas like Cancun are safe. I live in the state of Veracruz and it is perfectly safe...safer than the U.S. If you avoid the border towns and drug gangs, you will be fine.

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    I have recently (past 6 months) traveled to the following popular destinations and found them safe (at the very least as safe as places in the U.S.) I don't usually travel to the beach areas so cannot speak to those.


    Mexico City


    Ixtapan de la Sal



    San Miguel de Allende



    San Cristóbal de las Casas



    Mexico is a great place to visit. I live here part time now.

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    the fronteir and big cities are the most dangerous places. A good rule of thumb is to always watch your back no matter where you are! Poverty makes people do ugly things so act like someone is always watching you. Lock car doors, don't stay out after dark, etc.

    Source(s): viva mexico!
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    border towns are by far the most dangerous because of the drug activity and violence.

    tourist locales are by far the safest because most of them depend on tourists to survive, and if they had lots of crime they would lose their business.

    go somewhere like cozumel or puerto vallarta.

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    The central states are safer.

  • i went over the summer and i actually saw a dude holding a ak 47 walking out on the streets. i saw several people with handguns. its not safe. although it was cool i could buy beer and ciggerattes and im only 15

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    right now i dont know if theres any safe cities in mexico at all. safe areas in acapaluco (or used to be) now are scenes of crime. its really sad how a country can worsen so fast so quickly.

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