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Getting pregnant after a miscarriage?

I just had a m/c at 5 weeks along this week. My doctor said its very normal for women to m/c their first pregnancy. I never thought i could even get pregnant because It took me two years of regular unprotected sex just for it to happen. I really want to be a mom Im getting older and Im ready for this more then anything elese. I have heard that after you m/c you are very fertile and can get pregnant right away again and usualy the second pregnancy makes it full term. My question is is this true? and has anyone elese had this happen to them before and try again right away and carry full term?. My mom had one right before she had me, she said they did not wait and started right away to try again and with in just two weeks she was pregnant again with me. hearing these things really helps me to stay positive so any advice and storys id love to hear. Oh and I did not have to have a dnc done or anything like that either.

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    i believe that every body is different, especially when it comes to females. im not sure if age has anything to do with it but i lost my son at 17 weeks, in december and it took me 7 months to conceieve him (im 18 years old) and i didnt get another period until feb 1st, then i conceived in march and am now 14 1/2 weeks pregnant. so i do believe you are a bit more fertile, but im not sure on the whole age thing if that differs anything

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    Rule of thumb after miscarriage is too wait at least 3 months(minimum). You have physically and mentally experienced something traumatic. But if you are interested in conceiving again, there are many things to do before trying. Talk to your partner(they might not be ready as soon as you are), talk to your doctor for an opinion and list of things do make sure you stay healthy, keep your stress levels down(high blood pressure has dangerous effects on you and your developing baby) and start taking prenatal vitamins(getting your body ready before the pregnancy is important when trying to conceive after a miscarriage). Good luck and best wishes to you.

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    I had a D&C four weeks ago and still have yet to ovulate or get my period. I think it is best if you wait and have one period and then try after that. My doc thinks that is a very important part of knowing how far along you are. I have heard of several people who got pregnant right away after a miscarriage because their body was already prepared for pregnancy. But you have to ovulate to become pregnant, so until that happens, just be patient.

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    i had a m/c in September of this year and the doctor told me to wait at less 3 months but I got pregnant again at the end of October beginning or November and now am 30 plus weeks with my 3rd. When I found I was pregnant I was very happy but still wonder how since I didn't get my period.

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    they say u should wait the length your pregnancy lasted for you that is 5 weeks from when u get ur first period back again. you are extermely fertile after a miscarriage but they also say you should give your body a chance to recover to a pre pregnancy state. i miscarried three weeks ago and have decided to get fitter and healthier and start building my folic acid supplies and hopefully start trying again in october or so. talk to your doctor again and remember you will also need time to grieve for this baby. take care

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    Yes my mother did and my sister and they are both fine an all grown up now.

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