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If sailing by yourself around the world at 16 is grounds for charing parents with "child endangerment"?

Why aren't we charging parents who let their kids play sports with child endangerment? You can become seriously injured or die playing football, baseball, basketball, etc...

Why shouldn't we charge parents who allow their kids to play sports if we're going to charge Abby Sunderland's parents for letting her sail solo?


Chi, wanting your kid to be the best athlete on his team is quite similar...

Update 2:

We're in agreement on this on Brian... (go ahead and recheck your answer, lol)

Update 3:

I'm not the one saying it is child endangerment, because in my opinion it isn't.

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    Parents are charged with child endangerment for far less than the wannabe famous parents that allowed their teenaged daughter to do something so obviously reckless.

    The parents should have to foot the bill for the rescue. DFS should investigate the family and remove the thrill seeking teen from the home until the investigation is conpleted.

    edit: I 100% disagree. Teen athletes have a curfew and are not allowed to wander the streets for days.

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    No, i does no longer enable a 16 3 hundred and sixty 5 days old to do this. those figure's are loopy. i imagine they elect the interest yet don't have commonplace psychological well being to understand this only isn't ideal. it really is risky. I remember even as my son used to go back and forth even as he become nicely into the age of being an grownup. I had an truly confusing time before each and every thing. i'm very intuitive & after I had a terrible stress attack. i must have instructed him about later & how a number of my pals helped me by skill of it. nicely, he then proceeded to inform me that the nighttime I had the stress attack he become walking on my own in some section that become no longer what we are frequently used to with highway light fixtures & police to seem ahead to us. He instructed me a %. of untamed dogs become after him. i become praying for his secure practices (remember i did not comprehend what become happening I only had the feeling of his concern). The dogs stopped rotated & he become waiting to get to appropriately. So it become a specific call...He become also drowning once & I had an stress attack. that you'll me the connect i'd have with my 16 3 hundred and sixty 5 days would advance a lot sensible concern that i comprehend i does no longer enable something like that.EDIT: I only different anwers & it got here to concepts that probability ought to be managed & those father and mom do not get that.

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    i will say, it's exponentially more dangerous to spend hundreds of days at sea than to be on the crew team at your high school. HOWEVER...

    Her parents said it was okay. She made the ultimate decision. They didn't force her to do anything. What of Jessica Watson who sailed around the world at about the same age? Her parents weren't charged with jack.

    Ultimately, I think it's silly, and a misinterpretation of "child endangerment." That's just my opinion though.

  • Anonymous
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    Might as well don't let you child breathe because the air may be compromised as well. I agree it would be silly to charge them with child endangerment when the kid was practicing what could be considered a sport.

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  • This is the liberals theory that they can control anything by regulating it. I say it is an impossible task of protecting everyone from themselves. So the answer it to not even start down that road. I know ,I know it's to late. We already have all sorts of laws that do the same thing, seat belt laws, helmet laws, etc, etc. Freedom self regulates, it might not be perfect in keeping every one safe from themselves but it does require responsibility and has it's own penalties if you risk to much.

  • Jo
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    That wasn't child endangerment as far as I am concerned.

    Even though she is only 16, she has enough knowledge about her sport to make an informed decision.

    I would like to see her parents pay Australia back for their rescue efforts though.

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    She did a superb job of solo SAILING... the MAST BROKE and she is in no immediate DANGER... how is that "child endangerment"?

    By all accounts, she is a far better prepared sailor than many adults who go to sea and have to call for help...

    Busybody libs just can't stand to see someone do something THEY CAN'T... IT'S NOT FAIR!!! If they spent HALF their time SUPPORTING kids like her instead of trying to make everyone equal, we'd be in FAR better condition than we are.

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    "child endangerment" in International Waters ? - good luck with that !

  • Brian
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    You mean raising your daughter to be strong and independent? Yes, how awful..

    I think it was ill-advised but if she really wanted to do it the parents had two choices; say no or support her and they chose the later..

    I agree that the parents should have to pay for any rescue..

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    If she is a professional navigator at 16, that would classify her as advanced or genius. And I'm sure she can prove she knows more about navigation than most weekend boaters...

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