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The most popular TWIN sets in the USA... read on please... :) ?

Hey, I've just been doing some research and came across a list of the most popular TWIN GIRL names in the USA for 2009.

1. What are your TOP FIVE sets ?

2. If you could mix & match any names FROM THIS LIST, what would you name twins?

Faith & Hope

Olivia & Sophia

Ella & Emma

Hailey & Hannah

Ava & Emma

Heaven & Nevaeh

Madison & Morgan

Mackenzie & Madison

Ava & Olivia

Isabella & Olivia

Makayla & Makenzie

Ava & Ella

Faith & Grace

Gabriella & Isabella

Abigail & Olivia

Emma & Sophia

London & Paris

Elizabeth & Emily

Valeria & Vanessa

Emma & Grace

Abigail & Allison

Addison & Ava

Anna & Emma

Ava & Mia

Ava & Sophia

Abigail & Emily

Addison & Emma

Chloe & Sophie

Grace & Hope

Natalie & Nicole

Savannah & Sierra

Allison & Ashley

Ella & Lily

Emily & Natalie

Emma & Lily

Haylee & Kaylee

Jennifer & Jessica

Abigail & Elizabeth

Addison & Avery

Alexandra & Elizabeth

Ashley & Emily

Ava & Grace

Sorry the list is so long! I hope you can be bothered to search through it all :]

Star is your feeling nice :]

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    1. My top 5 are :

    ~ Isabella & Olivia.

    ~ Savannah & Sierra.

    ~ Elizabeth & Emily.

    ~ Alexandra & Elizabeth.

    ~ Gabriella & Isabella.

    However; I think all these names are a little too matchy, and I would want my twins to be individual.

    2. I think I would go with ...

    Isabella ''Bella'' & Allison ''Allie''.

    Isabella Lily Grace & Allison Elisabeth Faith.

    Hope I helped :) Star for you.

    ιѕαвєℓℓα, ℓυcιℓℓє & α∂єℓιηє'ѕ мυммα ♥

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    Savannah and Jamie

    Hannah and Leah

    Elliana and Samantha

    Allie-Lynne and Natalee

    Savannah and Elliana

    I like

    Faith and Grace

    Hailey and Hannah

    Mackenzie and Madison

    Makayla and Mackenzie

    Ava and Ella

    Gabriella and Isabella

    Abigail and Olivia

    Emma and Sophia

    Valeria and Vanessa

    Abigail and Allison

    Anna and Emma

    Ava and Mia

    Ava and Sophia

    Chloe and Sophie

    Emily and Natalie

    Haylee and Kaylee

    Ella and Lily

    Emma and Lily

    Ashley and Emily

    Alexandra and Elizabeth

    I would change the rest into:

    Savannah and Neveah

    Heaven and Morgan

    Madison and Nicole

    Jessica and Ashley

    Natalie and Elizabeth

    Avery and Ava

    Paris and Sophia

    Isabella and Sierra

    Allison and Jennifer

    Abigail and Addison

    Hope and Emma

    Grace and Elizabeth

    Grace and Ava

    Olivia and Emma

    Olivia and Hope

    London and Abigail

    Addison and Emily

    Addison and Emma

    Faith and Ava

    Ava and Ella

    Grace and Emily


  • ¤ Lily Gabrielle & Luna Evangeline

    ¤ Ariana Marie & Aurora Isobel

    ¤ Arya Evangeline & Lyra Alexandra (Undecisive on middle names though)

    ¤ Linnea & Olivia

    ¤ Emma Isabelle & Leah Rosalie

    Ooops, thought you meant OUR sets, oh well, I'll leave them on here, my top 5 sets from the list are:

    Emma & Lily

    Ella & Emma

    Olivia & Sophia

    Isabella & Olivia

    Ella & Lily

    Well based on the names from that list you can elicit almost any of my sets, so I'll try to make others, too boring using my own.

    Lily Alexandra & Olivia Gabriella


    Heaven and Nevaeh is horrible, horrible, horrible. Is that actually POPULAR? Gah! Don't like London and Paris either!

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    1. Ava and Grace.

    Emma and Lily.

    Ava and Mia.

    Hailey and Hannah.

    Alexandra and Elizabeth.

    2. Emily and Savannah.

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    My Twin Sets

    1. Abeni Johari and Amal Uzuri

    2. Talmah Amelia and Chenoah Elia

    3. Belen Nova and Bevyn Takoda

    4. Takoda Lynne and Cheyenne Marie

    5. Naomi Lael and Rachel Jael

    5 Sets off the List

    1. Chloe and Olivia

    2. Gabriella and Savannah

    3. Faith and Hope

    4. Mia and Makayla

    5. Abigail and Amelia (yes I know Amelia is not on the list but it goes perfectly :-p)

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    1. Lillian Brooke and Olivia Marie 2. Andrew Benjamin and Ethan James 3. Charlotte Hope and Daniel Thomas 1. Ava Michelle and Holly Grace 2. Logan Patrick and Noah Alexander 3. Claire Elizabeth and Brandon Joel

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    ○ Top 5 Sets:

    ♦ Alexandra & Elizabeth

    ♦ Ava & Olivia

    ♦ Abigail & Elizabeth

    ♦ Anna & Emma

    ♦ Hailey & Hannah

    ○ Mix & Match:

    ♦ Chloe & Sophia

    ♦ Addison & Savannah

    ♦ Abigail & Alexandra

    ♦ Emily & Anna

    ♦ Mia & Grace

    ♥ נєѕѕι¢α נαηє {ℓgм}

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    Abigail and Allison: Love both of these names! They sound good together

    Allison and Ashley: Love both of these names also

    Natalie and Nicole: LOVE Nicole and Natalie is nice also

    Emma and Lily: Lily is one of my favorites and Emma is cute

    Ashley and Emily: Nice together

    Lily and Sophia

    Jennifer and Lily

    Jennifer and Ashley

    Jennifer and Allison

    Natalie and Jennifer

    Boy, some of these are terrible! Heaven & Nevaeh, London and Paris, Haylee and Kaylee, and Hope, Faith and Grace. I love Hope and Grace on their own, but not paired together!

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    1) I don't like matching twin names, so my favorite sets are just similar in style. These aren't necessarily my favorite names, but I do like them and I think they go together well!

    Natalie & Olivia

    Alexandra & Caroline

    Tara & Shannon

    Allison & Chelsea

    Lydia & Rachel

    2) A few sets I would make from these names...

    Alexandra & Hannah

    Allison & Emma

    Natalie & Olivia

    Some of these are really terrible as sets! Heaven and Nevaeh? London and Paris? Haylee and Kaylee? I feel really bad for these girls when they grow up!

    I'll star your question. It was interesting!

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    Of these, the five that I'd pick are:

    Ava & Ella

    Ella & Emma

    Emma & Sophia

    Ella & Lilly

    Ava & Sophia

    But if I were using my own names, the five I'd choose are:

    Sophia & Shiloh

    Ella & Julia

    Julia & Sophia

    Ella & Olivia

    Sophia & Ella

    And if I were to have twin girls now, from this list, I'd name them either:

    Ella & Sophia

    Emily & Ella

    Or Isabella and Emily.

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