Need Help With my Pokemon HG/SS Wi-Fi Team?

If you have any suggestions please do, I'm kind of a noob :D

Clefable - Thunderbolt, Flamethrower, Minimize, Moonlight

Dragonite - Dragon Dance, Earthquake, Hidden Power (Flying), Thunderbolt

Espeon - Psyhcic, Morning Glory, Hidden Power (Fire), Sunny Day

Umbreon - Toxic, Curse (Stat Boost, not Ghost type one), Wish, Mean Look

Articuno - Reflect, Substitute, Roost, Ice Beam

Crobat - Shadow Ball, Cross Poison, Hidden Power (ground), Brave Bird

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  • Kirby
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    1 decade ago
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    Clefable: hate to tell you but minimize is illegal in wifi battles sorry. Just go for and ice beam

    Dragonite: very odd dragonite set. Dragon dance increases its attack and speed yet you only have 1 physical attack. I suggest you switch hidden power and thunderbolt for dragon claw and extreme speed

    Espeon: I don't even know what moring Glory is sadly but I have seen espeon enough in battle to know thats not a good idea. Just go for signal beam and shadow ball in place of that and sunny day.

    Umbreon: I fail to understand you reasoning behind curse. If you want to toxic stall switch curse for protect and if you want to tank switch another move for payback.

  • 1 decade ago

    ok here's what i would do! I would have a Tank in there So that you have something to switch to i your pokemon is really weak to whats out at the time.

    Umbreon- good moveset you just need to replace mean look with something different

    Articuno- Needs one more attack. I say get rid of substitute and give it mabe a flying attack.

    Everything else looks good to me

    Source(s): Love to battle pokemon wi-fi matchs. have a great online record
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