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A braces question for sorting over/underbite in the jaw, help please?

'kay, so I went to my orthodontist today for my appointment to check that my braces were going okay, everything was, fine. After that, they pointed out that my 'bite' was way off with my jaw, and gave me three choices to cure it: Twin blocks (which i've had before and didn't exactly find 'good') a MARA appliance (which I need more information for) or Jaw surgery which won't be able to happen for three years, and as i've got a fear of operations, I think i'm going to say no to that one.

SO! My main question is Twin Blocks or the MARA appliance - which one is better? And preferably without a link, can someone explain what it's like to have the MARA appliance? Comfort, ability to chew, speak? Would my mouth be able to fully close (unlike the twin blocks), and would it cause any damage/change to my teeth?

All answers are seriously appreciated!

Chris. x

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