What do Environmental Engineers Do?

How do you become one? Do people usually get an environmental major and then go to grad school to finish? What is their average salary?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Environmental Engineering is a relatively new field. A decade ago nobody had heard of them, and anyone who served the same function as whet they do now were Civil Engineers. The field has recently emerged. They work in many different aspects of the field, designing green energy farms, environmental clean up startegies and instruments, designing things to be used in chemical plants, oil rigs, clean carbon emmitters, etc. It is a growing field of study, and due to it's growth, many universities offer it as a major. Others offer a Civil Engineering program with an emphasis on environmental science. If you are thinking about becoming one, it is an absolute necessity that you enjoy math, as the bulk of your courses are math related. You can go to Grad school after you get your Bachelor's, but many colleges offer the BS right now. I am unsure of the average salary, but is between $40,000-$105,000 roughly, but there is a lot of potential.

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