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What are Queen Anora's scenes in Dragon Age?

In Dragon Age, what scenes do you see Anora (and what is the scene about?)

Also - where else is she involved (quests/talk) ?

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    Anora is first seen as her father addresses the nobility informing them of the death of her husband, Cailan. Bann Tegan challenges her about Loghain's motives, and she tells him her father is doing what is best for the country. Tegan is not convinced, and asks if her father did what was best for Cailan.

    You see her again as she seems to realize Tegan was right - she asks Loghain about Cailan's death, and he blows her off. She leaves, upset.

    After Arl Eamon calls the Landsmeet, your party is now based out of Eamon's estate in Denerim. Anora's handmaid comes begging for help - Anora is now Arl Howe's captive. Anora went to Howe wanting answers about Cailan's death, and he has not let her leave his estate in Denerim. You must enter the estate, contact the queen, find Arl Howe's mage and kill him. On the way you will find several important NPCs held prisoner by Arl Howe, who apparently gets off on torturing people.

    Find and release Warden Riordan, Anora, the son of the previous Arl of Denerim (he's jerk - if you talk to him long enough, you find out that he's responsible for the riots in the Alienage - I leave him in prison!), a crazy templar, a tortured son of a noble, and an even crazier guy who I let out. Almost all of the prisoners help you win votes in the Landsmeet.

    When you leave the estate with Anora don't reveal that she is with you! If you do, she will throw you under a bus by claiming to the guards that YOU are the kidnappers, not Arl Howe.

    After you get back (after breaking out of Fort Drakon) you go back to Arl Eamon, and Anora is there.

    You can negotiate with her who will be supported for the throne at the Landsmeet. If you are a Human male noble, you can convince her to marry you, you put her on the throne and become King.

    If you are anything else, you can tell her that you will support her as Queen, and not Alistair OR convince her and Alistair to marry each other. Alistair is NOT thrilled, but can be convinced. Don't ever tell her you are supporting Alistair, even if that's what you want. She'll be of no use in the Landsmeet if you do.

    In the Landsmeet, if you told her you would support her, or remained sort of neutral, she will step up and tell the nobles that her daddy is off his rocker and responsible for the King's death.

    If Alistair fights Loghain, he automatically kills her father. If you or another party member fights, you have the option to kill Loghain, or... not. If Daddy lives, and Anora becomes queen, she will try to execute Alistair - Alistair leaves the party one way (dead) or another (King, but he is pi$$ed). If Daddy dies, and Anora becomes queen, she doesn't try to kill Alistair.

    If you are a human female noble, you can instead marry Alistair and become King & Queen. Alistair will throw Annoya into prison in this case, or if he is king but does not marry her, and you don't see her again.

    If she is Queen, she will speak to you after the Landsmeet, to the troops before the final battle, and (if you survive) to you again in the Epilogue. She will also reappear at the beginning of the Awakenings expansion.

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