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Volunteer oppurtunities for responsible twelve year old?

I'm twelve years old and I'll be thirteen this October. I'm very responsible and I'm very mature for my age, so I am told I often get mistaken by the way I talk for a much older person. I'm very grammar conscience. Anyway, on to the point. I'd like to maybe to something for the enviorment or for kids, and maybe an animal shelter. I live near Charlotte, NC but probably wouldn't go that far. I'm all for health, enviorment and animals. I really want to do something worhtwhile and good this summer, make something of my break other than just lying around and wasting away like most people my age. So any suggestions are welcome, but animal shelter age limits would be very appreciated. Thank you,


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  • Amy
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    The age limits depend from shelter to shelter. I think an animal shelter would be your best bet. Call local shelters to inquire--you can probably walk/play with dogs, clean cages, etc. I'm not sure what else there is for someone your age, what are you going to do for transportation? That might affect your choices.

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    Your intentions sound good,but to be honest 12/13 years old is still a "child" who lacks responsibility and most tasks someone your age wouldn't be capable of doing.Wait till your at least 14 or 15 so you actually can find somewhere to volunteer.

  • Dan.
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    10 years ago

    Check into your local 4H club. It would fit with what you want to do.

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