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How pregnant does my guppy look and are the three tanks big enough?

well i have 4 females and 3 males. i noticed that one of my female guppies is getting bigger and i can see a black dot at the back of her tail, like sorta underneath is it her gravid spot. and when do you think she'll have the fry? plz help i have pictures. and also is the biggest tank a good size its a 30 gallon tank and then i have a blue tank thats a 13 gallon and a clear round tank thats 8 gallon what one should i put the fry in?

plz help!!!! PLZ PLZ PLZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • Gary C
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    That round bowl is not 8 gallons. Did you maybe mean liters, not gallons?

    Your guppy does look distinctly pregnant. She should have babies in the next week or two, at the latest.

    You can use any of your tanks as a fry tank, but you will need to move the young guppies to bigger quarters as they grow bigger.

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    Your tanks are perfect size for the new fry. As for the mother, it looks like she is going to have her babies any day. Look out for her always hiding away and looking ill. My guppy always was at the bottom of the tank and just stood there the hole day. Then i noticed babies and i took the other fish out and i had 46 baby fry and my girl was tiny! Remember to seperate the babies from the mother because she will eat the babies!

    ope i helped ^__^


    Source(s): Had 14 guppies long ago and 46 babies =/
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