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Runescape P2P Money Making Guide?

i just need something to make me a good bit of money and fast, better than what i am already doing, mining pure essence

My Stats:

Attack: 72

Strength: 70

Defence: 72

Hitpoints: 71

Range: 47

Prayer: 46

Magic: 75

Runecrafting: 50

Mining: 72

Smithing: 70

Fishing: 83

Cooking: 90

Firemaking: 99

Woodcutting: 91

Farming: 30

Agility: 40

Herblore: 30

Thieving: 31

Crafting: 59

Fletching: 57

Slayer: 28

Contruction: 27

Hunter: 62

Dungeoneering: 15

I just need to find something that suits me that makes alot of money, pretty fast, and help would be appreciated

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    (Looked at the above answer, as much as Yews/Magics can be decent money. I would never recommend it unless its something you enjoy. There are much better money makers out there. For instance with your fishing you can fish sharks and get the same if not better money and it is vastly more afk. I already assume since you are 91 wc that you have tried that option and do not enjoy it as much)

    Okay, looking at your stats I can see you are an experienced player so I will suggest Runecrafting. It is not as easy as mining pure ess, but you can use that ess you just mined and start using it for profit.

    You did not list your summoning but if it is high enough buy some graahk pouches. Ring of duelings. Then some pure ess (or what you have mined). Grab an omni tiara or nature tiara (tiara saves space).

    Summon the Graahk. Right click (teleport it). You might be able to adjust your summon options so you can set the teleport to the button at the top right corner of your screen for a faster option.

    You will be teleported to the graahk hunting area. Use the world map to find the nature altar and run there (memorize this path). Go into the altar and make natures.

    Use the dueling ring to go to castle wars. Bank very fast.


    This can yield at lower levels aroudn 300k an hour, and as you progress you can make up to around 1.1mil an hour. (Runecrafting is the best money/hr possible with a skill. While staying consistent).

    If you are bold you can use farming and plant some high level herbs before you runecraft and make aprox 1.5mil an hour.

    Other options is to train hunter and go with grenwalls which ive heard can be near 1mil an hour, more like 900k but its not consistent, difficult, and I assume will decrease over time in how much money it yields. Runecrafting has been 1mil an hour for like 5 years now. Its very stable!

    Mining concentrated gold is maybe 200k-300k an hour which is not half bad and very very similar to rune ess mining. It also gives some of the best mining xp in the game. So it would give you a nice 99 mining. Getting to 77 is always the boring part, but you are close!

    get two more fishing levels for cave fish and work you way up to rock tails which can be 400k an hour and is very lax compared to runecrafting.

    Also there is always combat. God Wars Dungeon... Coporeal Beast... Etc. Very high profit but difficult and requires teams.

    If you do a 4 person team you can go from having 1mil gold to an instant 100mil split from a sigil drop at the coporeal beast. But I do not think your stats are high enough to do that. But its something to word towards!

    Also camping at black dragons for a 35mil visage is a possibility! I did that and got the drop once! They require no food if you find the right ranging spots and are still profitable if you do not get a visage (black hide/Dragon bones drops).

    Again a visage can take someone a day, all the way up to months to get. So its not consistent.

    All in all, find what you enjoy and stick with ti!

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    I think you should go with the woodcutting method. Play a lot of the stealing creations minigame in the wilderness and get as much morphic tools as possible before you can't take it anymore. After getting the tools, turn them all to hatchets. Cut yews with the axe and because you do, you will get double the exp so you can reach 70, after 70 wcing is reached, cutting yews will go faster for you. Keep cutting them, and if you want wear a strung rabbit's foot for increased chance on getting bird's nest. Anyway, keep cutting and sell about 1000 at a time, and you'll get about 500k (just a little less). After you raise your wcing some more, it gets even faster, and to make it even faster, use all your axes to get the exp and then buy a dragon hatchet. that will raise your wcing speed about 15%-20%. That makes a difference. Have fun!

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    Herblore Money Making

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    Hell you have 91 Woodcutting just cut yews (If you play for free) or Magics ( If your a member) and you'll be making loads of money in no time.

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