Why do they call Jerry Brown "moonbeam"?

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    As Governor, Brown proposed the establishment of a state space academy and the purchasing of a satellite that would be launched into orbit to provide emergency communications for the state—a proposal similar to one that would indeed eventually be adopted by the state. In 1978 in a Rolling Stone interview Linda Ronstadt called her then boyfriend, Jerry Brown, her "Little Moonbeam". After this an out-of-state columnist, Mike Royko, then at the Chicago Sun-Times, nicknamed Brown "Governor Moonbeam" because of the latter idea. In 1992, almost 15 years later, Royko would disavow the nickname, proclaiming Brown to be "just as serious" as any other politician.[14]

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    Governor Moonbeam

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    Jerry Brown Linda Ronstadt

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    Why do they call Jerry Brown "moonbeam"?

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    Jerry Brown was progressive for the 1970s talking about environmental causes and energy conservation and that was considered wacky by the rest of the country. He was different, choosing to live in a regular apartment instead of the Governor's mansion because it saved energy costs. In the 1970s all of his ideas eventually were proven valid but at the time they looked down on him as if he was "spacey" which he wasnt.

    "The nickname was coined by Mike Royko, the famed Chicago columnist, who in 1976 said that Mr. Brown appeared to be attracting “the moonbeam vote,” which in Chicago political parlance meant young, idealistic and nontraditional."

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    "If it's BROWN...

    Flush it Down !"

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    Because he's a complete psychopath.

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    Because I believe that was his 'hippie' name when he was really young.....

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    i think you mean "moonshine" it's because he's a filthy drunk.

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