home work help? what do they want me to do?

i take a class online and i have to get it done before july. i'm stuck on this one question. oh! and the class is career planning. this is the assignment

"Using the profile you have developed in previous units and sections, and using the characteristics of successful entrepreneurs, write a two-page essay analyzing your potential as an entrepreneur.

In this paper, you might compare/contrast your personal skills, abilities, and interests with that of successful or famous entrepreneurs. You might describe your passions and how they relate or don’t relate to becoming an entrepreneur."

i don't get it! no i'm not asking you to do my home work. i just don't know what exactly their asking for. can some one tell me what they want? i know what they want in the second paragraph but whats with the first one? WHAT DO THEY WANT?

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    It sounds like you've done a bunch of assignments in the class that fit together to describe you as an entrepreneur.

    Think about it like this: what can you do well that will get you to your goal? Are you organized? Do you like to network (make a lot of friends and connections)? Are you good at convincing people to buy (or do) things? It sounds like there was a list of those things that you can work from.

    For the format, you might want to do a SWOT analysis of yourself. Like this:

    Strengths: the things you're good at

    Weaknesses: things you need work on. Talk about things you'll do to improve, not the things you can't do.

    Opportunities: What opportunities will you have as an entrepreneur to succeed and advance?

    Threats: What might get in your way, and how do you plan to get around those things?

    If you need more help, let me know. This is the kind of thing I've studied.

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    the first paragraph means using the knowledge you have developed over the time in this online class and understanding the success stories of successful entrepreneurs, how they achieved their goal, what were their ambition etc. Relate your life to them and analyze whether you have the potential to become an entrepreneur like them and be successful, and what are you ideas to achieve your goal.

    All the best with your assignment:)

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