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How can I let my guinea pig roam free?

I have a cavy and I love it, but I am now questioning people I know who let theirs sit on them all the time or just roam the house because they poop so much. How do you control the poop? Do you let them poop all over the house or on you? What do you do?

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    if you want it to stop pooping, then stop feeding it :D

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    5 years ago

    Yes they do. A guinea pig blatter can only hold for up to 30 minutes really and that's not including the poo. Today I bathed my female and she got so scared she peeed on my shirt. So weekly cage cleaning is a must. But if your pigs are potty trained then clean the litter daily. Now it can be dangous for pigs to have rule of the house. First they are small and could be easy to step on. Second you would have to pig proof your entier house... whitch is extreamly hard. I would recomend a 4 by 2 C&C at minumum. Also you must get two pigs or more because they are heard animals. Now they require daily care. In my opinion they requier more care then my two dogs ever needed. You need to know what you are doing to ensure an health life for you and your pig. I resurched pigs for 2 years before getting my first pig. And even then I was still learning. Now I would honstly recomend something a little low matnance like a betta fish whitch are super rewarding and easy to take care of animals. Never get a pet just because you 'want one' or 'feel like it' they are lives and deserve the best. You should always be well perpared and ready for anything.

  • Don't put it in a rodent ball, guinea pigs have weak backs, and putting it in a rodent ball would probably break it's back. Some people have pens they can place inside, or outside in a patch of grass that has no pesticides or fertilizers on it, and let them roam, but they have to be careful potential predators like dogs don't get to their guinea pig. As far as I know, they can't be litter trained, but they can be let out for maybe 15 minutes to roam safely before there is a risk of the guinea pig peeing or pooping.

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    1 decade ago

    you could paper train it. how old is it? It might be too old to be paper trained but what the hell, you can always try! Every 10-15 minutes of the time that you let him out, go put him on the paper. also, put some of his droppings on the paper, hopefully he'll catch on but after a week or 2, if he still hasn't caught on, sorry!

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    Put it in one of those rodent balls you buy at the petstore. That way it can run free, but the poop is contained!

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    they don't have one of those plastic balls you can put them they do for hampsters

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