What would you do if you saw someone stealing from the store you are working at?

I don't know how to answer that interview question .. What should I say?

No RUDE comments please (:


Well cause it happened once, I mean okay, so I went into the store to buy mascara, and I did buy it, but then i had to go back to find my sister and i put it in my back pocket ( i had the receipt) and some employee accused me of stealing the mascara, which is weird since i paid for it at his checkout .. so yeah, I wouldn't want to make any false accusations or any false arrests and stuff. It would probably leave me a bad record of accusing people of it you know? (:

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    the CORRECT reply would be that you would make a mental note of what this person was wearing and all that stuff and IMMEDIATELY report to your boss / and or assets protection............under NO circumstances would you try to apprehend them alone but you would follow all given procedures.

    I do not mean to be rude but what is so hard about that reply................. the same goes IF it was a member of staff or a friend that you saw stealing, if another member of staff then you need to take it to some one higher up the food chain than the person you saw stealing.

    edit : then the store employer that accused you was totally in the wrong and was probably in a lot of trouble for doing what he did.....you could also have made a case out of it if you had known the law and that you was totally in the right, ie paid for it and had the recipt..........most shops have a very CLEAR policy of what to do if you see a member of the public stealing, the very LAST thing you do is go up to the person and say you think you saw them steal.

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    Where I work at (in the hood lol) people in the neighborhood know that if they act shifty, put stuff into their pockets in the store (but then again it's a small store with only one employee anyway), or any other suspicious activity, they're gonna get accused of stealing. If they bring a drink or something into the store with them, they hold it up and let me know they brought it in with them. It's a high crime area, but still. If someone decides to swap out a drink or add something on, and they have to go back to get it on their way out, they hold it up and let me on their way out and wait for a nod from me. Sometimes people stop by who are passing through the city and they don't do this stuff, and it makes me a little suspicious, but I understand that they just don't know better. Then again, I guess this pretty much only applies to certain people (I know who is likely to steal and who isn't). I watch body language too. I noticed I also have a habit of checking their waist lines and watching their hands. I know you're not supposed to approach a shoplifter, but around here, a lot of people do it. They'll even whip your *** for stealing from them, or have one of the locals (who you have a good relationship with) do it.

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    Pulling her aside, and telling the manager or security isn't wrong or illegal. It is the right thing to do. You're stopping this person from doing something illegal.You're also helping her break the habit of stealing. Just letting her get away with it is like saying that stealing is okay. If reporting isn't possible, I suggest confronting her calmly by telling her that she should stop stealing or offer to pay for her candy, that way she won't get in trouble.

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    First you would need to make sure they were stealing because if they are accused and they weren't stealing they could sue you and the store for false arrest, pain and suffering, and slander and a bunch of other things. I would say in the interview that after I was positive, I would report it to my supervisor. This isn't something you should be handling if you are just an hourly employee. It needs a manager.

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    Someone Stealing Something

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    when i worked at a store, i was asked this question as well, and i answered it firstly with a question back.

    She asked me the question and I said to her, well first let me ask you what you're stores prosecution policy is?

    Depending on what the manager tells you, you answer your question.

    With the store I last worked at, we did not prosecute for shoplifting.

    When we saw someone we suspected of shoplifting, we were to walk over to them and ask them if they needed any assistance. (just our presence would usually have them put the item back down after we walked away), but from then on we were to have someone call security and another person keep a very close eye on them, basically tailing them.

    If your store does not prosecute there is really nothing you can do about it. If they do prosecute, then you can call security or the cops discreetly, while keeping the person delayed...showing them other items, chatting, that sort of thing, until the police arrive.

    Never put yourself, other employees or customers in harms away, and never physically detain a person in the store.

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    If I were to see someone stealing from the store where I was employed, I would immediately report it to my supervisor so it could be investigated. Not only to protect myself, but protecting my employer shows loyalty, and without loyal employees, a store will not succeed. Theft is 100% unacceptable and should not be tolerated and if I were to let that go, it would reflect badly upon me and I consider myself a loyal and trustworthy asset to your company.

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    I would say "it all has to do with employee rules"

    Some companies have rules that prevent workers from interfering, because of safety issues.

    Does your work have security?

    What kind of place is it that you are applying to?

    The most you can do is just call the cops or security.

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    Report it

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    I'm not sure that there is a "right" answer, but I think the best one is that you would talk to them and encourage them to turn themselves in (assuming this is a coworker). If they refused to turn themselves in, then report them to the manager.

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