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Are Calif schools ready to accept a possible influx of students from people moving from Arizona into Calif?

USA Today is reporting that many Hispanics in Arizona -- of both legal and illegal immigration status -- are leaving that state because of its new immigration law. Some schools are already seeing a decline in enrollment.

Are Calif schools ready to accept a possible influx of students from people moving from Arizona into the state of Calif ?

Will La Raza be asking Obama for more funds to districts with higher enrollment ?

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    La Raza or MEChA already want more funding, they're just using Congressmen like Raul Grijalva, AZ, to do their bidding. He'll be in Washington tomorrow asking for $3 Million to help ILLEGAL INVADERS to become citizens! He's the Arizona Congressman that called for boycotts against Arizona, the State he's SUPPOSED to be representing!!

    Check out his staff's names. Racist? Me thinks so!

    * Ayala, Miguel A.

    * Borquez, Magda C.

    * Bravo, Teresa

    * Brito, Daniel Z.

    * Chan, Gloria S.

    * Chavez, Yesenia

    * Christopherson, Jesse S.

    * Cowan, Mary Margaret

    * Crow, Michelle

    * Emerick, Amy C.

    * Felder, Laurie W.

    * Fernandez, Lisa D.

    * Garcia, Martha

    * Gibbs, Lauren

    * Glassman, Rodney B.

    * Gonzalez, Vanessa N.

    * Goold, J. William (Bill)

    * Graver, Daniel

    * Guerrero, Ruben Jr.

    * Hamed, Sami

    * Heredia, Luis A.

    * Hernandez, Genevieve M.

    * Kaumo, Christopher (Chris)

    * Kondor, Rachel V.

    * Lara, Damian

    * Lee, George H.

    * Luna, Natalie

    * Luna, Skidmore

    * Ma, Ana M.

    * Mais, Joseph P.

    * Maldonado, Anna M.

    * Martin, Andrea D.

    * Martinez, Richard M.

    * Medina, Josefina M.

    * Meier, Maria Robles

    * Miller, Glenn E.

    * Miranda, Jose J.

    * Mishkin, Kelsey H.

    * Montano, Gloria I.

    * Murray, Caitlin P.

    * Nevarez, Deyanira

    * Ortiz, Clara M.

    * Ozuna, Angelica

    * Pena, Saul R. Jr.

    * Perkins, Debra K.

    * Perkins, Mark S.

    * Peterson, Andres

    * Ramirez, Angela Karina

    * Reyes, Ruben H.

    * Rodriguez, Araceli

    * Ruiz, Luz M.

    * Ruiz, Eduardo G.

    * Sanchez, Carlos S.

    * Sarvana, Adam C.

    * Scally, Alethea M.

    * Skidmore, Doralina Luna

    * Tung, Victoria

    * Villarreal, Patricia Lee

    * Zaragoza, Gilberto G.

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    10 years ago

    They Can Move To Cally ... Then Move Out Again

    California Will Be On The List Of ILLEGAL ALIEN Kicker Outers Before Long, Too

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    you are afraid of the unknown. that's natural. but how do you expect to experience new things if you remain in a bubble your entire life. How do you put the world into perspective if you know only one thing. You should go. Try out California for 1 year. Just 1 year. Then look back at this question see what you learned.

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    I would love to see all the illegals from arizona move to cali, and have arizona send a letter to california stating" sorry but we can no longer supply your electricity!"

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  • Well looks like California will receive more dead weight. CA public schools are terrible and I feel bad that more children will has their educations disrupted. I don't think CA schools are ready and they will only continue to get in more and more debt.

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    If this is true, California needs to follow suit. They are already bankrupt from having to pay out for all the illegals who are taxing their system, and our's.

    If they don't like it here, then they can always go farther south.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    i hope they come here because our schools are already crowded (los angeles area). new schools have been built, bungalows have been added to old schools and classes was max of 32 kids now it's max of 40 (too many kids).

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    They should stop them. Moving because laws are being enforced? Thats what we need, more illegals.

    Anybody that harbors illegals should be sent to jail

  • 10 years ago

    at this point, I don't care if they are ready or not

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    They're moving to Texas or New Mexico, we are friendly and welcome illegals.

    Our governor of texas, republican rick perry has said already his against SB1070 and will not pass a bill like that.

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