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another latin, please! 10 points coming your way!?

I need to translate this into latin:

Dear Narcissus,

I hope you are well. I cannot speak to you, but if I could my first words would be, “I love you.” You gaze at yourself, and I gaze at you. Soon only my voice will remain. You are a jerk, but I love you.


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    10 years ago
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    Carus Narcissus,

    I spes vos es puteus. EGO cannot compello vos , sive EGO could meus primoris lacuna would exsisto “I diligo you.” Vos intueor vestri , quod EGO intueor vos. Nunc tantum meus vox vocis mos subsisto. Vos es a jerk , tamen EGO diligo you.


    Best i cud do

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  • ?
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    10 years ago

    Claro Narcisso, (following the style of Pliny the Younger, anyway)

    spero te salvum esse. quamquam non adloqui possum, si possem primum dicerem, 'te amo.' te aspicis, et aspicio ego. sed mox manebit solum vox. odibilis es, tamen amo.


    That is an approximation, anyway. Stylistically it isn't great - but then I did actually have to look up how to form a contrafactual conditional, so that isn't surprising - but it's better than just a literal translation. And, more to the point, it actually makes sense.

    Source(s): Classicist
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