Dog Section. Gastroentenitis or Pancreatitis? Raw feeders?

Ok, so we went to the vet(yall can go through my questions), and was told my Toy Poodle has Gastroentrenis(sp?), or Pancreatitis. They are still doing blood work. I was sent home with medicine and Prescription Diet ID dog food. Do I have to feed that stuff to her? My dogs are on raw meat diets.
Update: I know. She's had it before, and it did no good..I mean had the Hill's ID
Update 2: I was wondering if dairy could cause either of those problems.
Update 3: I told them. While they didn't say anything, they weren't impressed.
Update 4: They said to feed that stuff, and then to go back to her regular diet.
Update 5: I don't feed dairy, I was just wondering.
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