RamadaN : who is farhat hashme ?



who is sheik feiz ?

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    Asslam o Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh.

    what WIKI tells us.


    her official site


    can you read urdu? by now?

    read it if you can:


    hope you understood.


    Sheikh Feiz born in Sydney, Australia, spent the first part of his life in the field of sports. At the age of 17 he received a title in boxing and then at 19, he won the Australian bodybuilding championship.

    He was about to leave for America to represent Australia in the world championships, when Allah placed emaan in his heart and he swapped his ticket to America, for one to study Islam in the University of Medina, Saudi Arabia.

    It’s good to mention here, that Sheikh Feiz lived most of his teen life in a gangster environment in the streets of the city of Sydney, without the recognition of his Great Creator. He was ‘Tough’ having all the Aussie lifestyle could offer, except true happiness. He was well known as “Frank the Killer” in his boxing days, and “The Beast” in his bodybuilding days, due to his robust character and tough behaviour. Even with all things at his fingertips, he felt a need for more. He was born into a so called “Muslim” family but never placed any effort in understanding the deen of truth due to the negative influence that surrounded him.

    After a hard life on the streets, he realized that his existence meant much more then living as a hooligan. He began investigating other religions, but found them deficient in every perspective. After entering a mosque to ask questions about Islam, he realized that Allah sent him there (to the mosque) in order to guide him not confuse him. He attended lessons within the mosques around Sydney, but found that all of them were unattractive, hard to understand and showed lack of interest towards the youth. He realized the importance of becoming a Da’ee with a native English tongue, in order to proclaim the word of Allah to those who were similar to himself. He immediately packed his luggage and embarked upon the greatest and most fruitful epic and endeavor of his existence, which was to travel to the land of the first Islamic state, Medina, to educate himself in the greatest knowledge ever, the knowledge of the path to Paradise.

    He completed two years of intense Arabic and then 4 years of Islamic Law, specializing in the Science of Hadith. He studied under the likes of Sheikhs such as Muhammad ibn Uthaymeen, Ali Al-Hudaythi and Al-Albaani, among others. He returned to Australia on completion, to fulfill his dream which was to cater to the needs of the youth, especially those lost on the streets.

    In the year 2000, sheikh Feiz founded and became the Amir of the “Global Islamic Youth Centre” (G.I.Y.C.). The G.I.Y.C is a centre of learning and a place that encourages the youth to be better Muslims. It has a gym, bookstore, recreational facilities, including youth camps and many lessons on Islam both general and in depth. http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=bpbnwGQpGHI (part 1)

    His aim in opening the centre, was to take the youth off the streets and into an Islamic environment, knowing too well how easy it is to be left to stray in a non Muslim society. His unique style of speech, and his unwavering stance on Islam, has attracted the young and old from all over the world.

    His refusal to “water down” his religion has drawn forth the critics, but he remains steadfast, believing in Allahs message and the true meaning of “no compromise”. He believes that Islam in its true form is only a religion of Peace and not violence. His Aqeedah is on the methodology of our pious predecessors unconditionally, without blindly following any school of thought or any person, except for the Prophet SallAllahu Alaihi Wasalam. He strictly upholds no other then Qur’an and Sunnah.

    He is currently residing in Malaysia pursuing his studies under Islam, while teaching at various places within Malaysia, and also on the internet. May Allah protect him and grant him Al Firdaus Al Alaa.

    Source(s): cool fundamentalist http://sheikhfeiz.com/aboutsheikhfeiz.html he is described by WIKI a muslim with FUNDAMENTALIST beliefs ^_^ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Feiz_Mohammad
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    Dr Hashmi is a good scholar of Islam. she goes with many great scholars like bin baaz.

    Doing a great job and brought a good change in many educated women.

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    she's a scholar from pakistan i think.. gives speeches on Islam but i really don't like hers there is a lot she says that i don't believe in and she's too strict. i like tahir qadri he's also from pakistan.


    you noe wat i mean D:

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