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Why does the Oakland A's have the least creative baseball team name?

As you know, Oakland's baseball team name is called the "Athletes", but aren't all the baseball teams athletes as well?

Why does Oakland's baseball team have a less creative name and what is the history behind it?

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    The A's stands for "Athletics," though just about everyone calls them the A's.

    This team is one of the oldest existing baseball teams in America. They were founded way back in 1860. Back then, there was no professional baseball, and many teams were just made up of guys who belonged to clubs. Kind of like if your gym has a basketball team or softball team today.

    The team was founded by the Philadelphia Athletic Club, and eventually it was shortened to the Philadelphia Athletics. It may sound like a dumb name, but if you compare it to some of the other baseball team names from the 1800s and early 1900s it isn't actually so bad: Brooklyn Hilltoppers, New York Highlanders, Cincinnati Red Stockings, Boston Beaneaters, Cleveland Naps, etc.

    Whatever its merits, the name has stuck with the team through 3 different cities: Philly, Kansas City, and now Oakland. I guess the fans never wanted to change it, so there must be something good about it!

    ***By the way, I wouldn't way that the Athletics is the least creative name in baseball. The Philadelphia Phillies is a pretty uncreative name - they just shortened the city name. I guess baseball players in Philadelphia just aren't good at coming up with names.

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    The Athletics moved from Philadelphia to Kansas City to Oakland.

    In the 1860's the strongest amateur team in Pennsylvania was the Athletic Base Ball Club of Philadelphia. They were known as the Athletics. When Philadelphia became a charter member of the American League in 1901 they adopted the name Athletics.

    The Giants were orginally known as the New York Gothams. After a game one day manager Jim Mutrie referred to his players as "My big fellows, my giants" and the name stuck.

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    It just seems that OLD team names are just not very creative. Then again, writers came up with them because there WERE no team names. But, just look at the original 16 teams' names:

    St. Louis Browns (because they had brown uniforms. Hm. Louisville had a team called the 'Grays,' and Hartford had a team called the 'Blues,' but they were contracted before 1901). Now the Baltimore Orioles.

    St. Louis Cardinals (actually a good name, but named after their Red uniform)

    Cincinnati Reds (because they had Red uniforms)

    Philadelphia Phillies ('Phillies' being what they actually are, people from Philly)

    Boston Red Sox (because they had Red Socks)

    Chicago White Sox (because they had White Socks)

    New York Highlanders (because they played in Highland Park). Now the Yankees.

    Some pretty uninspired names.

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    I don't know how don r is a top contributor, but the Athletics moved from Philadelphia to Oakland. Or at least they originated in Philly. I think it's an ok name, it's nothing great, but it's not terrible.

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    The team started out many many years ago in Philadelphia as part of the Philadelphia Athletic Club. As such, they were referred to as "the Athletics."

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    It's historical. When baseball wasn't such a new thing and Oakland was a rough n ready town, the name was right for its baseball team. I know a lot of folks who know nothing about Oakland, California will have their say from an ignorant position- never having set foot there. For that matter, why is San Francisco's baseball team called the Giants? They were originally a New York team. Oakland also had a team called "The Oaks".

    So, what.

    I'm a top contributor because I've been here a long time and answer a lot of questions. Even if not absolutely correct, the forum is kept interesting . Don't envy, work harder.

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    As opposed to the Boston Red Sox and the Cincinatti Red Stockings? It's an old, old name.. and comes from an "athletic club" in Philadelphia.

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    Brooklyn Ballas Spygaters

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    A stands for Athletics, as in athletics club. Still, very lame name.

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    Nationals and Rays are way worse.

    And Dodgers? Although I know the history behind that, that's a pretty stupid name, moreso than the As.

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