Renting a room... crazy landlords?

My husband and I are using a room at my parent's house. With our 2 year old. It's a nightmare. We had an oral agreement that we would not have to pay any bills or rent. We moved here from a different state because of the economy. We are living on my husband's unemployment currently. We are in the process of trying to get into a subsidized apartment... the manager said we should get it. Anyway, my parents have gone insane now. It's my mom and step-dad. He's never liked me. I moved out to live with my G-ma when I was 16 because he kept hitting me with belts and crap. It would be over stupid stuff like taking a sandwich to my room. Anyway, now he wants me out now because I use facebook. I really don't get it. He said I have to leave asap which was the plan anyway. He's threatening to take my son from me and put me on the street. I already know he can't take my son from me. And technically he and my mom are our landlords according to the tenant/landlord laws so they have to serve a 30-60 day notice, right?

Now they are saying we can't use their kitchen, they are removing our food from the freezer, and saying they are going to cut off the power and water to our room and bathroom. Can they do all that? Isn't that against the law? They have also said they will keep all of our stuff that is in the other room because of possession being 9/10 of the law. AND, they have entered our room and gone through our things. I haven't noticed anything missing but still... can they do that? Since they are landlords even if they own the house, don't we have tenant rights still?


We offered to help with groceries... and we were.. till they got all mad.

What they are mad about is that we take too long of showers (we get in get clean and get out but my step dad has always said this even about his own kids) and he installed an a/c unit in the window so it gets hot and we have to use the a/c though we would prefer a fan in the window. They are TERRIFIED my son will destroy their yard so my son can't play outside.They wont let him anywhere but in this room so I take him for walks.

According to state law they are landlords and we are tenants. I got my answer from a lawyer since nobody on here knows how to be nice.

Update 2:

Also we offered to pay rent... they refused to accept it

Update 3:

We moved to this state at their urging... My husband had gotten laid off due to the economy, there was no work in the area. So we moved here hoping for a fresh start. We encountered some problems with my stepfather. We never chose to come here. They ASKED us to.

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    There are no laws governing family taking in family for free! You're not "tenants" and there is no contract outlining what your "rights" are, or rental monies being paid to secure them.

    For sanity sake, maybe check into a cheap motel until you know what's going on. Otherwise, try to make peace with the folks...suing them won't do much to make your life easier!

  • kyle
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    10 years ago

    You have very little "tenants" rights. that might be a way to describe you but you are a different type of tenants that have no rights. you are for one not paying for anything so you are not purchasing any ownership or anything like that, also there is no lease which doesn't have the same rules as your oral lease. You are most likely under roommate laws in which you also do not have many. Just move out soon as you possibly can and you shoul also keep all your things and if you don't get them back you could sue if you were to think it would be worthit.

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    How can you say you are "renting a room" when you pay no rent or bills? That is not rent. They could change the locks when you're gone and say that you owe them storage fees for your stuff.

    This is why people get their agreements in writing. What are you doing with your husband's unemployment money? Why should your parents feed all of you on top of everything else they are paying for?

    But, you do have rights. You have the right to leave at any time and never go back again.

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    Since its your family and your familys house I would honestly say they can do anything they want, if you go to a judge this isn't really going to hold up as a "tentant/ landlord" relationship. After all that means you pay rent and actually you do not, as well as having no agreement. I understand the economy, but if you knew your family was crazy I dont understand why you went to live with them. It was asking for trouble. I also dont' understand how a family can be so heartless. I suggest YOU and your husband trying to find jobs ASAP to do something better for both yourselfs and your child. These days it takes two salarys to provide for a family.

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  • 4 years ago

    Send her a certified letter stating that any future entrances without notice will be considered trespassing and treated as such, including calling the police. IF you have a webcam, you can record her entering and use it as evidence. If you change the locks, you would legally be required to give her a key anyway. with no lease, just give your 30 day notice and move somewhere else.

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    Oh please GROW UP. You are an adult. You have moved in with Mommy and Daddy, they do not want you there, so you take your things and you leave. You should not put them into a position where they have to get law enforcement involved.

    They are NOT your landlords, they are your parents. You are their offspring and a guest. you have worn out your welcome, and I can see why. Time to go. You are married now, with children of your own. you and your husband need to support your own family and live within your means. "the economy" does not give you any rights to invade relatives home, harass them and then claim any privileged rights to occupy their home.

    Obviously they forgot to teach you basic ethics, and now they are paying the price. But you are a parent now, time to do the right thing and set an example of decency to your child and leave your poor mother and step father alone.

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  • Walama
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    If you had no choice but to move in, it would be kidnapping rather than renting. You should be grateful they're putting you out so your son isn't exposed to his demented, physically abusive grandparents.

    Leave immediately.

  • 10 years ago

    First off you aren't renting since you pay nothing. It's their home & I'm sure you aren't telling the whole side of the story. Just move as soon as you can. Your'e making them miserable too. Sorry I know it sounds mean but..

  • 10 years ago

    You may not be tenants. You may be roomers or lodgers. Your state laws will need to be researched to see what kind of protections are afforded to you under the law.

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