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Why do we even know "Billie Jean King's" name?

At the time she was the #1 ranked female tennis player in the world (?), Bobby Riggs was a Dentist and wasn't even ranked in the "Pros", yes, he had a big mouth and couldn't play tennis, he proved that. Put the top man up against the best female player.


All she did was beat other females (and Bobby Riggs), I hear we are all equal, so why seperate female sports? White Tees in Golf, even seperate Billiards and Bowling.

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    We know her name because she rose up to the challenge of a big mouth who had just defeated (6-1, 6-2) Margaret Court, who was at the time 30 years old and the top female player in the world. So he COULD play some tennis. BJK was risking getting embarrassed, but she took up the challenge and beat him in a best-of-five set format. Bobby Riggs had been a number one ranked player in his day, so even at 55, he still had some skills.

    This is not to say that the top woman could beat a legit pro male player today. I don't think Serena could beat any man in the top 100 or 150 in a best-of-five set format. The male game is just way too fast and way too powerful. Serena's never had to return serves coming at her at 130mph.

    Still the other reason we know Billie Jean King's name is that she won 12 Grand Slam singles titles and 27 doubles/mixed doubles Grand Slams. She was also the first prominent female athlete to acknowledge she was a lesbian, which was a big step forward for pro sports.

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    she was an amazing tennis player. i didnt ever like her but she was the best in the world. i admire her.

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