How has Canada done in the past for the mens and womans Olympic Ice Hockey?

I know this is a little late after the Olympics, but I was wondering if anyone new how well both the men and womans ice hockey teams did over the years in the Winter Olympics Games

Thank you for your help:)

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    Hi - Canada's women's team have dominated hockey since it became a medal sport. They've won Gold the last 3 Olympics to go with their silver in 1998. Since the IOC started to allow professionals to compete in hockey in 1998, the men's team have won gold twice. Prior to that, Olympic hockey was dominated for roughly 50 years by the Soviets & the Czechs due to their players being considered amateur under international rules.

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    they both won gold last year. i didnt really watch the womans hockey, but they were crazy scores like 18-0 and serious. when it comes to womans one compares.

    mens hockey there are a few good teams. canada is the best :) but it was pretty close between us and the usa. aslo russia is good, slovakia, etc.

    in the past we werent as good as this year, but still pretty good. its because we didnt have the same amazing young players as we did this year (sidney crosby, jonathan toews, etc) thats what made the team great. and i love every single player on that olympic team, especially Sidney Crosby, our canadian hero....what a guy:)

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    I went to a hockey camp, and we had many olympians come and let us know their tale of ways they have been given to the olympic group. they frequently began off enjoying on their severe college group, and there could be scouts that could bypass to video games. The scouts are no longer allowed to even talk to you whether you're an extremely stable participant till you're a definite age. i think of it grew to become into sixteen..I dont understand. they are able to invite you to a hockey camp with a gaggle of people, and from there, i think they start making their possibilities.

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    They won Gold

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    no not a little late...a lot late

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