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Is Israel going to declare South Korean peace activists as Islamist terrorists too?

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    Defending oneself from terroists and their supporters--whether or not they are disguised as 'aid activists,' is no crime. The Palestinians could have peace and their own state anytime they want to. All they need is to get rid of the terrorists who control their politics and sit down in good faith with the Israelis. The other Arab countries also add to the problem by supporting the Hamas terrorists and refusing to resettle the Palestinians in their own countries. They would do this if they really cared about the Palestinians, but they do not. They only care about hating Jews.

    The idea that somehow the Israelis have no right to the land they now inhabit, and therefore no right to defend themselves and their acquired homeland, is ridiculous.

    If any country bordering the US were firing rockets over the border--without even the formality of a declaration of war--and killing American citizens, they would be invaded and their leaders deposed and executed. I find it hard to believe that anyone would be able to criticize such an action.

    Taking it even further--in anticipation of protests by those who would claim the situations are not comparable--suppose rockets from an Indian Reservation were being launched from the reservation into an American city, killing innocent civilians? Regardless of the past history, involving Americans displacing said Indians and taking over their land by force, invading the attacking reservation and arresting and executing the criminal attackers would still be considered a justifiable reaction. Israel’s situation is no different.

    After all, there are very few countries lacking a history similar in this respect. Every nation in North and South America displaced the native population and took over their land. Does this mean that they have no right to defend themselves from attack?

    Human history is replete with examples of a weaker people being displaced by a stronger people, from Australia to Britain, and all points in between. In fact, this is a long established tradition of us Homo Sapiens, who began our dominance of the planet by wiping out all the Neanderthals and taking their lands. (While I am in no way comparing Palestinians to Neanderthals, one imagines the Neanderthals appealing to the UN!)

    The Palestinians, instead of whining about the lost battles of the past, should instead abandon the political leadership that has been unable to redress the situation through terrorism, and give good-faith negotiations a shot. The Israelis are not unreasonable, and would be perfectly willing to come to an equitable resolution of the regions difficulties, if they only had responsible Palestinian leaders to work with.

    In conclusion, the Israelis are perfectly within their rights to defend themselves with equal vigilance, utilizing any aggressive means necessary to counter their opponents' terrorist tactics. Only a person with an unreasonable prejudice against the Israelis could fail to recognize their right to defend themselves and their homeland.

    A sovereign state such as the US or Israel answers to no one but themselves. As soon as illogical folks who cannot equate those two things generate the intellectual capacity to realize that, rhetorical questions of no value--such as this one--will cease to fascinate the cognitively challenged among us. Might does indeed make right. Only the weak, and those whose grasp of human history is mediocre at best, whine about it.

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    I never see any evidence that anybody who supports Israel calls so many people Islamist terrorists. I do see plenty of teenagers here on Yahoo Answers CLAIMING that this is what people who support Israel are doing. Silliness.

    I guess it's pretty easy to criticize people when you're allowed to create their statements! Fiction is not your friend.

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    Of course not. They did not name the peace activists on the flotilla terrorists either - only that small group.

    Korea has far bigger worries than to worry what they are or are not named by someone at the other end of the world.

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    I do not see why they would but anything is possible,though they have enough troubles of their own. And so do the South Koreans with the North which is a much greater threat.

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    Probably not.

    @ Ted: No they won't: Why put in the effort when N. Korea is doing that already?

    Source(s): I'm more familiar with Israelis than you :)
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    you should expect every thing from the israeli racist terrorists, after all they allowed themselves to occupy the Holy land of Lebanon for 22 years from 1978 to 2000 , beasts like that can do anything, they might even murder the son of GOD

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    Since 911, Israel is working hard to align itself to the US in its war against terrorism.

    Since that time, anyone who oppose Israel is an Islamic terrorist.

    They are leading their own campaign against Islam with the help of Zionists allover the world.

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    I dunno... are the South Korean 'peace' activists going to try and knife any Israeli that comes aboard to enforce the blockade?

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    Of course

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    yes and torpedo their boat.

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