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Does Barack Hussein Obama have a sense of pride when he sees our Navy Blue Angels flying through the air?

The Blue Angels are part of an Air Show in my state this weekend.

They just flew over my house. (Two of them).

I felt a tremendous sense of pride and it brought tears to my eyes and gave me goose bumps.

I am so proud of this country, our military and it's people.

I appreciate the sacrifices of the men and women who fight to defend America and Freedom.

I GET the bigger picture and am in awe of them.

Do you think Barack Hussein Obama - Commander-in-Chief of our military, feels the same pride, love, and appreciation that I do?


R...I'm in my 40's dear.

Update 2: the person that equated Air Shows with white trash...I'm SURE we make more money in a year than you do in 10. What a weird thing to say.

Update 3: the person that equated Air Shows with white trash...I'm SURE we make more money in a year than you do in 10. What a weird thing to say.

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    No, Obama does not have a sense of pride when he see our Military. Remember, when he was campaigning, he said he wanted to replace our Military with a civilian army... better funded and equipped. (Who do you think this civilian army is going to fight?) Obama wants to charge our Military with crimes while they are fighting to defend the USA. Obama has failed to protect our soldiers currently overseas. Obama has cut the Military budget.

    Obama has no sense of pride of anything American. Obama has refused to salute the American Flag. Obama has refused to wear the American Flag Pin. When Obama spoke at the last news conference at the White House, there are no American Flags in the background.

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  • Rhonda
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    4 years ago

    At first, although I didn't vote for the guy, I thought it was a great reflection on our Nation that we actually elected a Black man to the Presidency. Unfortunately, that quickly faded. With Executive Order #1 - closing Gitmo before he knew where he was going to put them. They are doing EVERYTHING to pay back their campaign donors (UAW) without considering the consequences to the American people. There's been another BIG f-up each week since. Now I am ashamed. He makes my Country look like a lily livered limp wristed pansy. What the hell happened to Bravery, Fidelity, Patriotism, etc.? He's flushed them down the toilet and expects all his followers to do the same. Sorry, buddy - it's not going to work with me.

  • Joop
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    10 years ago

    Im sure he feels a sense of pride. Whether or not he feels the same love as you claim to, Im not sure.

    But then, he IS running the country, and you're pratting about on Yahoo Answers

    Everything in perspective, huh?


    >> I'm SURE we make more money in a year than you do in 10.

    As for that comment, what a repulsive thing to say.

    Enjoy your money, and stfu whining.

    Self important people like you make me sick. Having money doesn't mean you're better, ok ?

    You probably married into it anyway, hehe

  • Di
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    I really don't know what makes our president proud - finally. From his sloppy pseudo salute when he exits one of his many taxpayer funded flying machines to his grudging support of taking his time increasing troop strength in order to get the job done, he may pay lip service. See attached link for campaign promises made and the status thereof for military matters. Promises not kept end up being campaign lies to win votes. On Memorial Day did he go to the hallowed ground at Arlington National Cemetery - and pay homage to those who gave all for their country, including three graves of brave men who raised the US flag after the bloody battle of Iwo Jima and, General Daniel James, jr. USAF, the first African-American four star general in the Armed Forces. JFK and RFK are buried here as is Medgar Evers, Civil Rights activist. If it were not for many of the sacrifices represented at Arlington, America would be a vastly different country. Our military deserve our constancy and appreciation all the time - not just when it is convenient or preferred.

    As to the racist crack about those who attend air shows, that same show performed in my state in May and the crowd was well represented by all ethnic groups - because I live in a diverse military friendly community.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    no, our Pres is a different person than you are and feels different emotions. he probably feels a greater sense of pride love and appreciation in addition to a sense of personal responsibility and command.

    do you feel any of those things typing his full name out with his title with hyphens and everything?

    I feel a bit sad seeing our resources wasted on air shows myself. our economy and position in the m.e. don't afford us the leeway to flaunt.

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    In appearance only. BO has his own agenda and it's not in the best interest of America. He wants total control of the United States and the only way that can happen is to continue to implement his socialist agenda. At the same time he wants to get rich in the process. Doesn't it seem strange for someone who is NOT supposed to have any conflicting interests from outside business ventures while occupying the white house, is paid $400,000 of tax payers money to do so, gross over 5.5 million dollars of income during 2009?

    Obama feels no pride because his comes from a background of deception. He is NOT my commander-in-chief, only that of the far left.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    He feels the same as CarrotSeeingRed...

    He's made it pretty clear how he feels about our Country. He doesn't put his arm across his heart during our national anthem. He refuses to wear a USA flag pin. He didn't attend the Memorial Day ceremony in Arlington cemetery. He refused the planned visit to French cemetery where 1000s of United States soldiers are buried.

    His actions speak far louder than his words...

    And you don't look a day over 35 :)

    Carrot should know I don't associate with folks who hide their email, questions, answers and then send out nasty racist hate mail. I blocked the coward.

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    I doubt it although I would bet he'd probably apologize for them if given half a chance by his Arab friends in Iran.

    Obama is about as patriotic as his friends at the Weather Underground.

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    Yes. On a side note, my nephew in the Marines served 2 tours in Iraq and is presently in Afghanistan. He has compilated a scrapbook outlining all their kills. Not your typical scrapbook to say the least. But as an active member of the US military he could attest to the fact that war machines don't equal warm and fuzzy, but I'm sure he would cut you some slack since you've never seen your buddies brains blown out by an 11 yr old and had to, in turn, frag a child.

    War is not comparable to an air show. You do not get the bigger picture.

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    No, he hates them b/c he is a muslim, black nationalist, commi, terrorist, etc things they call him on FOX news. He hopes all men in uniform should die.

    Is that the answer u are looking for?

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