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Microsoft Office Access 2007?

I just start to take some Access classes on line and my manager asked me to create a calendar with trainings. Please advise what template I can use and where I can find it.

I will need to cover about 230 people with information what kind of training they already had, when training was taken, as well as future calendar with upcoming trainings (subjects, conference room, dates, trainer’s info, and conference numbers).

Thank you for your help.

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    Access is not the right tool to create a calendar. It's almost impossible to display Access data in a calendar format. Also it's extremely complex to prevent double bookings.

    I have been working with Access for 10 years and have never succeeded in creating a booking calendar. Also I'm pretty sure there is no (free) calendar template available.

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  • 10 years ago

    Don't waste your time looking for templates

    build this application from scratch

    make tables for trainees, trainings, trainers, rooms, subjects

    allow yourself time to think well the database design

    decide YOU if you want to focus on trainees or on trainings as it suits your purpose

    make a form to update the table corresponding to your decision

    use combo boxes to match subject trainer room etc. for each record

    create additional forms to update each table

    make a switchboard to access easily all your forms and reports

    create reports to show trainees by training, trainings by trainee, trainees by subject... whatever you want and a report to show upcoming events

    you are done having an expandable application and much acquired knowledge

    there is plenty of available information on internet just search for every specific question you'll may have in the process

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