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Can I convert my 1997 Honda Civic to Electric?

I would like to know if there's any way to convert a 1997 manual, four-door Honda Civic to run off electric? It's a small car and I'm wondering if I can have this done? If so, where/who? I'm sick of paying high gas prices, lol! No, actually I want to be a better, greener world citizen.

PLEASE, any links are very much appreciated. Thanks!


Also, how $$$ much am I looking at to do this?

Update 2:

Ok, there are some valid comments about the "greeness" of this idea. That said, I still don't support the use of gas as it's overuse today. Rather than debate my politics, perhaps some people will be kind enough to simply answer the question w/o being rude or insulting. I'm no expert, that's why I'm starting here with the Yahoo! Forum. Thanks again.

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    10 years ago
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    TBH: For you no. The skills required and the money involved to do it prove it's not worth it. In the end it will have been more effective to just go out and buy a new hybrid/electric vehicle.

    It can be done though, I've seen some crazy conversions done to cars but the people who did them were highly skilled, had access to a lot of precision tools and shops, a lot of funds to do it, and a lot of time to do it (I'm talking months to years).

    "I'm no expert, that's why I'm starting here with the Yahoo! Forum. "

    TBH again, this is why it won't work out for you. You need to be an expert for this to work and a Y! forum is the worst place to start or get help with a huge project.

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    Not really possible.

    You would spend much more money converting this old car to electric than you would spend on a brand new electric car.

    So if you have your heart set on an electric car you may want to buy a new Nissan Leaf or wait a bit and get a new Chevy Volt.

    By the way, have you ever thought about how electricity is made? Mostly from coal or gas operated power plants. So how green is this electric car actually going to be?

    Or spend between $20,000 to $30,000 for a custom one off conversion for your old Honda. Since there are no conversion kits generic parts will need to be custom fitted to this car. You will need to pay a custom car builder to install the parts.

    When all is done expect less than 50 miles per charge so this car will only be good for short city commutes.

    Do you think you are the first person to think about this? If it were cheap and easy everyone would be doing this. You don't see everyone doing this so this should tell you that this is neither cheap or easy.

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    4 years ago

    It certainly isn't impossible. If you've ever taken apart a Honda Civic's transmission clutch, you'll realize that the only thing that's making your car move forward is the spinning flywheel attached to your gas engine rubbing against your clutch disc. If you can take a powerful electric motor and attach the same flywheel, you can certainly get your car to move without a traditional gas engine. Considering this would require custom modifications, welding skills and electrical knowledge will certainly be necessary. To power the motor, some enthusiasts daisy chain several rechargeable batteries above the electric motor. Search on google and yahoo and explore some of the ideas many have already done to break-free from being reliant on gasoline. Good luck!

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    Your average car creates so little emissions today that the whole "going green" fad is blown out of proportion. There have been many studies published, and you can find them, but the fact is, the exhaust coming from the tailpipe of any car made in the last decade (or more, all I've seen tested were new cars since 2000) is actually cleaner than the air the car ingests to burn fuel...the engine actually CLEANS the air, not pollute it. Does the engine create some pollutants? Sure, but it's a thermal reaction...where there's fire, there's smoke, so to speak. Burning coal (which is how some 60% of the electricity in the country comes from I believe was the last statistic I saw, or it might be the stat for just burning fossil fuels in general...feel free to correct me, I don't feel like researching right now) creates far more pollution than todays clean burning gasoline engines. If you really want to "go green", get a diesel powered car, like a Volkswagen Golf TDI. Diesel naturally burns cleaner than gasoline, and they typically get over 40mpg, with a friend of mine averaging about 48mpg in his 2001 Golf TDI, not to mention the hypermilers (people who drive to get the absolute best gas mileage possible) who get over 65mpg.

    Source(s): The whole "green movement" stemmed from the myth called "global warming" which doesn't exist. It's a scare tactic to make people spend money on things they don't need, like electric cars, when what they currently have is more ecologically responsible (less manufacturing pollution).
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