Should I buy a digital Piano?

I played piano when i was younger and want to start learning again. I do not have a piano at home anymore so need to buy one. I will probably buy a digital piano as I have limited space and the fact that I can plug in headphones meaning less disturbance for the family is a bonus :) my question is would it be a mistake to have a digital piano to practice on but have lessons on an acoustic piano?

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  • John
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    10 years ago
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    You can consider buying

    1)Yamaha YPG535 88 Key Portable Grand Piano with Power Supply

    * 88 piano-style keys with Graded Soft Touch

    * 6-track sequencer allows you to record your own music

    * Portable Grand Button: industry's best piano

    * Backlit LCD, panel lights, pitch bend wheel

    * USB & Flash ROM to download new Songs and Styles for playing

    2)Casio LK-270 Premium Lighted Keyboard Pack with Power Supply, Keyboard Stand and Professional Closed Cup Stereo Headphones

    * 61 piano-style keys

    * Touch Response (2 sensitivity levels, off)

    * 48-note polyphony (maximum)

    * 570 high-quality tones including stereo grand piano tones

    * Package includes Power Supply, Keyboard Stand and Professional Closed Cup Stereo Headphones

    Try to search here you can find more options :

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  • 4 years ago

    I personally think that an acoustic piano is often the better choice. It helps develop strength and tonal control which you can take to other acoustic pianos . . . HOWEVER, If your budget is limited and all you can afford is a crappy acoustic, then go with the digital. I'm currently in the process of getting a new piano myself as the one I've had since childhood is really nothing to brag about. It's action is by far worse than the digital as it is so light and you can hardly control the tone you are trying to produce. So again, if the budget is limited, get a digital, otherwise get a fairly recent or new piano. (Not a baby grand though, there are better uprights than the best baby grand). Good luck!

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  • 5 years ago

    Un piano para un niño que le gusta la música es el mejor regalo, la misma opinión es y en los sitios web, cuando he visto un piano de una marca tan buena y a un precio tan bajo he decidido comprarlo para regalar, además de llegar a tiempo y cumplir su propósito como regalo, el niño que lo ha recibido ha sido más que encantado, es un piano digital donde puede aprender a tocar muy bien, una compra excelente de un producto excelente.

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