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What is the function of a motor in electric car?

Hai guys can any one say me about the function and working of a motor in an electric car

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    An electric car motor functions by using electrical energy to create mechanical energy. It can be powered by DC from a battery powered device or by AC from an electrical distribution grid. Electric motor is used to propel the vehicle and the speed of the vehicle is controlled by the motor.

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    It depends upon what kind of hybrid it is. A series hybrid is designed so that the electric motor, which can be over 90% efficient and may not require a transmission, operates the vehicle at all times. The Internal combustion engine (ICE) operates a generator that provides the electricity for the motor. There may also be other electric motors that operate air conditioning, fans, windows, seats, and windshield wipers. A parallel hybrid is has some ratio or formula where the electric motor will operate to start and brake the vehicle. Electric motors have several advantages over the ICE and this dictates the use in a hybrid. They have torque from 0 RPM and this makes the electric motor best at starts and is the reason it may not need a transmission. The motor can be electrically turned into a generator for braking and this is something the ICE can't do. At some point the electric motor will cut out. This is a decision to save electrical energy in favor of using the energy stored in gasoline instead. Gasoline is a more energy dense storage than batteries so this increases the range but it sacrifices the efficiency of the electric motor. The ICE is only about 15% efficient. If additional power is needed the electric motor may operate in conjunction with the ICE.

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    The main purpose of the gas engine is to preserve electrical energy and to extend the vehicles' range. Currently the limits of a FULL electric car is battery capacity, usually a max range of 80 miles. Once the Hybrid car reaches 35 MPH or requires fast acceleration, the gas engine propels the car. This preserves the batteries for lower speed use of the electric side of the car. The use of these lower thrust electrical motors brings the price of the car down to affordability for the masses, and allows a person to be able to go coast to coast with that car. Otherwise, the car would have a limit of 30-40 miles at highway speeds draining the batteries to recharging levels. There aren't recharging stations close enough to do a coast to coast drive now. If you look at the HIGHEST performance car (Tesla), it has a lot of limits on distance but can run at a high level of performance at a cost of $100k. Can you afford that? Most people can't. There are a couple of other FULL electrics coming to market, but again, the cars are limited to local use only.

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    The gasoline motor is there for acceleration mostly. The electric engine is used to maintain the speed that the gas one created.

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