How did the oil spill happen in the Gulf of Mexico?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Speaking from the state of Florida. They really don't know. They have interviewed some of the remaining and living crew who escaped the explosion. And to quote one of them, he said it was like Mother Nature down below, just something went very wrong.

    I have my own theory though. North Korea and Kim Jong'il have remained silent for years and I knew it was because of these compact sub-marines they were building that he spared no expense with and built them state of the art.I remember thinking at the time, we have water all around us and submarines are so sneaky. He had a plan for this. They were his toys and he built them for something.

    Bear in mind that Castro and Chavez are communist leaders who hate the Americans as much as the Leader of Korea. The oil well is quite deep but with a smaller submarine it could have been sabotaged. Cuba is only 90 miles off of our shores. They could have harbored the north Koreans and celebrated. It would have been a strike to America they wouldn't have to take blame for and no one would know.

    We are so busy trying to stop the leak, there has been no thought going into how it happened. Everyone wants to blame BP I think that's non sense, if it hadn't been that company it could have been another one. It was where it sat, that was the main factor. In my opinion this horrific catastrophe could be considered an act of war. I doubt others have thought this far in advance. I certainly don't think it was any accident. Because the pipes below had kinks in them, that shows something was pulling on them.

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