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Do you think college football should have playoffs? explain why?

I think many teams get ripped off. Is it better to have playoffs like the NFL

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    I would like to see a system where there are playoffs only if there are undefeated teams outside the top 2. So last season, there would have been an 8-team playoff (the top 2, the other 3 undefeated teams, and 3 more just to make it an even 8). However, when Texas and USC were the only undefeated teams, there would have been no playoffs. Everyone knew who the best teams were, and a playoff could have done nothing but screw that pairing up.

    To me, even though I enjoy watching playoffs, they only make the regular season less important. You shouldn't be able to rest your stars halfway through the season, go .500 for the second half of the season, and still have a shot at the championship like the Boston Celtics.

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    A playoff system would create even more controversy. Since you can not ask these kids to play more than once per week and the season ends the first week of December, you can not select more than 16 teams (5 weeks). So you would be forced to choose no more than 2 teams from each of the 6 major conferences and 1 from Mountain West, Western Athletic, Conference USA, Mid American and an Independent like Notre Dame or Navy.

  • I think the BCS should stay. BUT.... Add a plus-1 format.

    That means, after all the conference championships and such, have the #1 team in the Standings play the #4 team and have the #2 play against #3. The winners move on to the National Championship. The losers of those games get to be the Home team in a BCS Bowl (They shouldn't play each other).

    So, that way, any team in the Top 4 can win the BCS Title. If you're undefeated and ranked #5 or lower..... Then there's probably a reason you aren't in the Top 4.

  • definitely...

    It's not fair to the TCU and Boise States and Utah's of the world to not get respect...

    In my opinion, have there be 5 super conferences (Big 10, SEC, Pac 10, ACC, and MWC - 16 teams each) and 4 minor conferences (MAC, CUSA, Sun Belt, and Big East - 10 teams each)

    Whichever minor conference had the worst non conference stats (lotta tiebreakers), eliminate...

    Then have a panel (they won't get rid of them) seed the conference champions 1-8 and have a traditional playoff system... The most any team would play is 16 games, which BOTH teams would have (have minor conferences play #1 standings vs. #2 standings) and it prepares for the NFL.

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    Playoff's = Fair Bowl's = $$$

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    First, college football does have playoffs and I watch them every year.

    I have a strong feeling that there will eventually be a play off for the current FBS division. I don't think that will stop certain fans from thinking that their team was "ripped off". The fans and talking heads on radio and tv will still whine and complain about how Team A should have been included in the play offs instead of Team B.

    Play offs present a tremendous logistical challenge. Travel arrangements, scheduling with the academic year that varies from school to school, expense of moving all of that equipment around from game to game, ticket sales. It's a massive undertaking that isn't guaranteed to increase profit margins. The status quo is fine by me.

    The FCS, Division II, and Division III can get away with a playoff because: they play shorter seasons, they don't have the tremendous pressure to generate tv ratings, and they are dealing with much smaller stadiums.

    In the grand scheme of things I don't think playoffs create better football games, I don't think play offs sell more tickets (unless you add games), I don't think play offs bring more tv viewers, and I don't think that play offs generate bigger tv contracts. So, no, I don't the FBS should have football playoffs.

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    they may as well have a playoff system sometime in that month off they get between the end of the regular season and the bowl games

    its kind of odd that after the regular season there's nothing going on for a while than all of a sudden there's a bunch of BCS games

    The regular season ends in early December(SEC championship was Dec 5), the National Championship was played on february 6th, 2 months after Alabama's last game last year

    @better than most: you arent watching NCAA football playoffs, what you're watching is conference championships and not every conference has them. for years NCAA put USC in the Rose Bowl/National championship for their rankings.

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    No, too many games for "student" athletes and would compromise the bowl system. Don't bother to argue that we can have 32 bowl games for a 64 team field - this ain't basketball.

    Also, I have not seen the numbers; but, my guess is by eliminating some of the bowl games the colleges get less money.

    And, a tournament does not produce a national champion, it only produces a tournament winner. The "best" team is still unknown: example, Villanova.

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    yes I think they should because there is know way that you can get all the best collages in the BCS and plus some of the best teams are not in a BCS conference that most likely makes them ineligible to play in the tile game

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    yes why? Boise State

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