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What is being voted on in Oregon this November (I'm turning 18 this summer)?

I want to educate myself about the issues and candidates concerning the November 2010 election...

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  • 1 decade ago
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    The entire US House of Representatives is up for re-election every two years. So that means all five districts of Oregon will elect an US Representative. Here are the district choices:

    1) 1st District

    Rob Cornilles (Republican) v. David Wu (Democrat)

    2) 2nd District

    Joyce B. Segars (Democrat) v. Greg Walden (Republican)

    3) 3rd District

    Earl Blumenauer (Democrat) v. Delia Lopez (Republican) v. Michael Meo (Pacific Green Party)

    4) 4th District

    Peter DeFazio (Democrat) v. Art Robinson (Republican)

    5) 5th District

    Scott Bruun (Republican) v. Kurt Schrader (Democrat)

    Also, Oregon has a US Senator election. You will decide a Senator from the following election: Marc Delpine (Libertarian) v. Jim Huffman (Republican) v. Ron Wyden (Democrat)

    There is also a governor election between John Kitzhaber (Democrat) and Chris Dudley (Republican).

    There is an election for half of Oregon's Senate, all of Oregon's House of Representatives, two seats on the Oregon Supreme Court, three seats on the Oregon Court of Appeals, many Circuit Court seats, and whatever your local government has elections for.

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