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Tips on writing an essay for a teenage audience?

I have to write a persuasive essay and I was wondering if anyone has tips to appeal to a teenage audience.

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    For a teenage audience, try to add the following:

    - include informal language, and colloquialisms - i.e. slang and words you would not expect in a formal piece of writing

    - relate ideas which many teenagers think of often - so instead of talking about politics, which relates to adults, maybe talk about video games or teenage love

    - use short paragraphs or some form of writing in which it is not just a big block of writing. Perhaps use pictures to stimulate teenagers attention, or a comic font - but most teenagers will be put off when seeing a large big block of text

    - include the audience and use persuasive techniques - use of 'our' and 'we' involves the audience and will persuade them better to agree with your ideas

    I hope this helps you :)

    Source(s): Me!! :D
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