Why did people start drilling in the gulf of mexico?

If we get most of our oil from the middle east , I don't see why they had to drill in the gulf .

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    The US gets most of its oil (imported oil) from Canada (#1) and Mexico (#2) and Saudi Arabia (#3).

    If you import about 2.118 Million Barrels a day from the Middle East alone then that is about $200 million a day going to countries that despise the US and want to see it destroyed. Canada sends the US about 2.1 million barrels a day, but we have no immediate plans to destroy the US other than through the music of Justin Beiber!

    If you don't derive oil from the Deepwater Gulf of Mexico, then you will lose about 1.4 million barrels of domestic oil production fairly quickly that will have to be imported from the Middle East this will 1) make the US less safe 2) destroy the US economy through an increased trade deficit and 3) drive the price of oil back up to $140 per barrel again very quickly. The US deep Gulf is the only new source of affordable oil being developed in the uS, the rest of the areas are either dry and no new discoveries being made, or are waiting on a price of $200 per barrel in order to be developed.

    The reason why the Deep Gulf opened up was because of new seismic technology in computer processing of data. This technology allows you to resolve the deep structures of the deep Gulf that lay beneath massive Salt deposits. Salt generally cannot easily be "seen" through, but now technology is helping the seismic imaging below those massive salt beds!

    Source(s): http://www.eia.doe.gov/pub/oil_gas/petroleum/data_... I know a little about oil.
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    Actually, the US gets most of its oil from Canada.

    - Its easier and faster (and therefore a LOT more profitable) to get oil from the Gulf of Mexico (right nearby) than from the Middle East (and they have extracted oil in the Gulf of Mexico for years.)

    - The money stays with the US instead of going to foreign countries.

    - The US (and other western nations) wouldn't depend on foreign oil and wouldn't be locked into the prices and supplies provided by those foreign countries.

    Its the same reason they drill for oil in Alaska, Texas, California, etc.

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    we don't get most of our oil from the middle east...

    they are drilling all over the world.. we get natural gas from the gulf oil rigs, the oil itself goes to Japan

    Japan has no oil reserves, hence, they drill here...

  • ehem,.........55 THOUSAND PEOPLE ARE EMPLOYED BY OIL RIGS IN THE GULF!!!!!. Need i say more?...crazy liberal

    plus if there was black gold in your backyard why would you leave it untapped? I would tap that too :D

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