Need some advice on tattoo cover up?

I have two symmetrical bats on my clavicle area and I would love to cover the left one up by making the tattoo larger. It's somewhat faded and is about two inches long and 3/4 inch wide.

(look past the drawing I did around it lol)

I was thinking of covering it with a flower design like one of these (with different shapes and colors with it)

or maybe something more along the lines of tribal/swirls

I would like it be span from my original tattoo to my shoulder, so any ideas or suggestions would be much appreciated!


I love my bats... I'm planning on keeping the other one just how it is, but I love the area to add a larger tattoo that covers more my shoulder too. I'm addicted to tats now :)

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    10 years ago
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    I'm not a big fan of the tribal swirls. Are you covering it up because you don't want to have a bat right there, or because you don't like how the bat looks but still want a bat? I like the bat, I think it looks cool. You just may want to touch it up a bit. But if you'll looking to fully cover it, then I like the first flower design. It's very pretty. Good luck

  • Linda
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    4 years ago

    You want strangers online to come up with ideas for a cover up.....thats just going to lead to another horrible tattoo. If your boyfriend is mature enough to be getting tattooed, he'll be able to come up with something on his own.

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