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What's the big deal if Iran gets nuclear weapons?

So they get Nukes, what's going to happen? They keep saying that Iran is ruled by Islamic fascists, crazy terrorists, etc..., but look at North Korea. North Korea already has nuclear weapons, and despite all the propaganda about Kim Jong-il, as a crazy communist extremist, genocidal maniac tyrant, bla bla bla, and how they assured everyone that he would immediately use them if he had them, he never used them. All North Korea gained is a real ability to defend itself, where unlike before when first world powers like the US could just play around with it any way they wanted to and invade it anytime they felt like it, now the North Koreans can say "If you blow the sht out of me, I'll blow the sht out of you". Is that the reason they're trying to prevent Iran from getting a nuclear weapon? Cause they won't be able to bully it around anymore like every other third world country? Cause the bully is afraid that the kid might stand up to him when attacked if the kid gets some muscles?

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    You're right to an extent. Iran really isn't stupid enough to use nukes against Israel because they're severely over matched. If anything, Iran will make things harder for itself by acquiring nukes because of diplomatic and economic sanctions. Also, other Arab countries like Saudi and Iraq might start to turn on them too.

    If they get nukes, they think they'll be hanging with the big dogs, but in reality, they will make their situation worse.

  • TJ9
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    They might sell the nukes to people who will attack us. North Korea is a little afraid of us because we went to war with them. The Iranians don't know how crazy we can be.

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    They bomb the US and Israel if they get nukes, that's what can happen. And North Korea has very few weapons compared to the US.

  • Iran has said they would blow israel and the united states off the map. N. Korea as far as i know has never made those claims

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Kim Jong-il hasn't stated that he wants to wipe Israel off the map.

    are you a dumba$$ or what?

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